Hello, researcher! Maybe you want to hire a perfect worker for your company, but without having second-class experience with unskilled people? In this article, I want to share with you some pieces of advice and ways how to find a qualified Angular Developer.

What is Angular? 

Angular is one of the biggest frameworks, maintained for creating single-page apps using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is one of the three most popular software development frameworks in 2020 and there are some reasons why constructors choose it:

  • huge community;
  • profound integration;
  • state administration libraries of dissimilar flavors;
  • Code Quality tooling, such as Codelyzer;
  • plenty of storage space for IDE plugins;
  • great support from the Angular team, in the form of documentation on the best training resources.

So why Angular is one of the leaders of frameworks is not a question. The developers have worked hard on it to meet the huge demand among companies due to the speed and quality of the resource.

What Does an Angular Developer Do?

He has a lot of responsible work on his shoulders, that are:

  • delivering total and operating front-end application;
  • guaranteeing the smooth execution of any application over all stages, counting desktop and portable variants;
  • working with JavaScript, CSS, HTML languages for effective tasks solving;
  • coordinating the workflow between all those who implement the project;
  • collaborating with the back-end engineers whereas building the serene API, for cases when information from third-party sources is required;
  • fix bugs as fast as possible;
  • providing testing on each stage of development, and Angular tools allow it to do it extremely quickly.

Any Angular developer has a lot of responsibilities and duties, so only a specialist can perform them clearly and on time.

Skills of Angular Developer

To get started, you need to understand what level of developers’ skills you need. The skills of junior and senior developers are significantly different, so in order not to be mistaken, here is a list of skills that are needed for a junior specialist:

  • good understanding JS and HTML;
  • huge knowledge of Angular;
  • creating separate, recyclable, and testable components;
  • guaranteeing a clear reliance chain, with respect to the app logic as well as the record framework;
  • capacity to supply SEO arrangements for single-page apps.

The above skills are not enough for a professional Angular developer and you need to add to them such points as:

  • good knowledge JS and CSS;
  • composing non-blocking code, and turning to progressed strategies;
  • TypeScript characteristics;
  • RESY architecture;
  • server-side rendering;
  • making arrangements, construct, and test scripts for Persistent Integration situations.

Good developers constantly learn something new, so this list will grow and grow.

We’ve found out what an Angular developer should do and know, so now I want to share with you tips on hiring developers for your company.

First of all, you need to describe the project in detail so that a developer could know what to work with, assess the level of their own strength, and understand whether to apply for a vacancy or not. This will specifically reduce the time spent describing the project to each individual, which is the right decision for your own time management.

  1. The first thing I would like to advise you is where to look for the best developers. These can be a variety of hiring platforms such as Upwork. It also includes several technical and professional blogs, online communities, GitHub,  developers’ conferences, and LinkedIn. So you expand the search for developers and get more worthy candidates
  2. Then you need to conduct a technical interview with potential candidates. They should be well versed in a given project (that’s why you make a description), you should ask about previous projects, and not only ask questions but also ask to show the final result, ask how long it took and what problems were encountered during the work.
  3. Before hiring a developer, you need to check his or her biography. Portfolio, activity on various sites, if everything suits you, you can hire with confidence, if not, then refuse to the candidate. By the way, the lack of a portfolio or a small size can be a good reason to bargain for payment in your favor.
  4. An important element in creating a project is communication skills. The candidate for the vacancy of the developer must be able to clearly and distinctly explain the technical actions, explain why this technology is better than another, without going to high tones and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the team.
  5. Don’t spare money. If you found the perfect candidate for the position of Angular developer and have to pay for these services, the price above average – do not rush to look for a cheaper option. Think about why this work is rated higher? You have already decided that he or she is the best because they have a great portfolio and experience, positive reviews, and a good reputation. This is the answer. For decent work, you must pay decently. This is a contribution to the future of your project, it is like a child, and for the child, you need to choose the best.

I hope these tips will help you choose the perfect Angular developer for a variety of projects, based on which you can make your own plan for finding an employee and use it in the future.


Finding the most suitable Angular developer with the appropriate level of knowledge can take a long time from a week to a month. This is an extremely important element for a product launch because it depends on the work of the developer whether the project will succeed or fail. There are usually many options for IT services in the job market, and this can be confusing, but for this, I have made tips on choosing a developer so as not to get confused.

I will briefly remind you of the tips: decide on a platform for finding developers, conduct a technical interview, check the biography of the candidate and their communication skills, and remember that for a good job you have to pay well.