Today’s world is all about the internet and our virtual presence, and, in this world, to be in Social Media is to exist. Using Instagram is more about vanity, it is a way to promote your brand, to propel a business, make friends, express your passions and be part of a community. If you want to have a good image on Instagram, keep reading and find some of the best strategies to improve your coolness.

Define the image you want to project

Your Instagram is supposed to be a virtual representation of who you are, who you want to be and what you love. In order to achieve that, you have to make several considerations regarding what you want to project to the world, and, according to that, determine the kind of Instagram profile you need and want to have.

You have to be careful because an Instagram profile with no personality is like a bad powerpoint presentation for the pitching of your project and has the same consequence: you will look sloppy and unreliable. Luckily, you have the option to buy powerpoint presentation online to get that weight of your shoulders, and even hire a writing service to help with the content of the presentation. But in the case of your Instagram profile, the quality is up to you, consider these aspects to find the theme right for you:

  • Look for something you love. If you are into gardening, include your plants in your profile, if you are into fashion make it part of your feed.
  • Consider your personal style: Boho, street style, cosmopolitan, tropical… Your profile theme should fit your personality.
  • Include elements you are in constant touch with. You might love the beach, but if you live 4.000 miles from it, you won’t have much material.
  • Keep it simple and clear. If you start stacking one thing over others you will look reloaded, even if all those things are consistent with your theme.
  • Decide if you want to include your profession in your profile. For example, writers can propel their careers using Social Media as a platform, but if you will upload memories from your nights out maybe it’s best keep it apart from your work.

Use some graphic principles

If you really want to make your Instagram cool, you need to have a good disposition of elements in your profile. This implies taking into account some aesthetic principles that will be like a Bible. Let us tell you about them.

Color schemeSymmetrySet a “mood”
●  A color scheme, or palette, will define the first impression of your profile.

●  Define it using the filters and general colors of your publications.

●  Choose a palette that fits with your theme.

●  Keep the elements well balanced in your feed.

●  Use a layout.

●  The content and profile of your pictures should also have a symmetry.

●  Choose a filter and stick with it, this will give consistency to your feed.

●  Dark, funny, sunny, calmed… This will depend on your personality and your theme.

●  Use a color palette to accentuate the feeling you want to transmit.

●  Must be coherent with your publications.

Choose a layout

The layout refers to the order in which you publish a different kind of content because this will define your feed and the general look of your profile. For users, an organized and consistent feed is the key to an interesting profile, a virtue everyone loves on Instagram. Depending on what you want to achieve you should choose the presentation of your Instagram. Here are the most used layouts, you could give one a try.

  • Squares Layout, the basic layout, in which you publish different types of pictures in no specific order.
  • Checkerboard feed. This consists of alternating two types of publications, usually a text and a picture.
  • Row by row. Good use of this is to narrate a story in every row. One line for the trip to the beach and the next one dedicated to your pet.
  • Vertical lines. This can be cool to draw attention to the pictures in the middle row.
  • Diagonal grid. This will look better if you use 3 different kinds of images or pictures with 3 different styles.

Create a vibrant bio

If you want to create an interesting profile, every detail counts, even the 150 characters from your bio. Actually, it’s importance becomes clear when you consider that it occupies about 20% of your profile. Self presentations are always complicated, but you need to create a brilliant bio to hook followers. And when we talk about bio we refer to the content and the disposition of the text.

Regarding the content, this must have some basic elements: it should include your profession, your biggest interest and a phrase that defines who you are. If you are planning to sell services, products, or talents, consider dividing your profile in two: the first part to describe yourself and the second to make a “call to action” and leave ways information to contact you.

About the disposition of elements inside your bio, this is an aspect that affects the general view of your profile, so don’t underestimate it and pay attention. It’s recommended to use single words to describe your profession (Writer, Photographer, Athlete,…), use a line for every aspect you include, accompany your passions with emoji and add a hashtag, so your profile comes out when people look that hashtag.

Take good pics

It is not all about the configuration in your Instagram account, you can work on the look of your Instagram from the photo session. The content of every pic you upload must work individually and also be part of a whole. This seems hard, but just by following some principles you will stay on track.

  • First of all, when taking the pictures, use colors from the palette you chose before.
  • Try to use natural light, it is the best light you will get.
  • Use the same general composition in most of your pictures.
  • Edit your pictures, at least a little to adjust the colors.
  • Consider the background: a bad one can ruin your publication or the look of your feed.