Have you been struggling in Valorant for a while now? First, you should know that it is not uncommon for players to tilt in gaming from time to time. And we are here to discuss about one of the most challenging games out there. So, it is understandable that you have been struggling for a while. But these are some straightforward ways you can get out of this rut. These Valorant Hacks by Sidegamer can help you get over your tilt and become a better player, so follow them to the letter.

1.   Better to stay away from the Live Matches for a while

Yes, we advise you to stay away from the Live matches to get better at them. Sometimes, you only need to get out of your bad phase and take your foot off the pedal. But that actually means you don’t have to say goodbye to the game. If you are a Valorant addict and cannot get enough of the game, then there is still the practice mode in the game for you to take advantage of.

Actually, we would even encourage you to spend some time in the practice chamber, even when you are on a hot streak. The only way to become a better player in the game is to practice and try out new things. And you can only do that when you are in a safe environment.

2.   Exercise effective communication

It is possible that you might be struggling in Valorant lately because of your poor or even lack of communication skills. You might have done well at the beginning levels of the game without even needing to communicate with your teammates. But as you level up, the more skilled your opponents would be. Valorant is a game that is designed to be played between teams and not for a solo battle royale. So, to improve your skills and get better in Valorant, you need to become a better team player and communicate with your teammates; otherwise, there is simply no hope.

3.   Take advantage of the portals.

Portals in Valorant are quite a fascinating thing. Not only because they are a new element that certainly adds a twist to the same old PvP FPS games, but it also opens a lot of opportunities for players to experiment. And we could safely say that many newcomers simply fail to grasp the potential portals have. Yes, on the look of it, it does seem like portals are simple gateways that allow players to move quickly between different locations on the map. You are certainly correct in your assessment. But portals can be used for much more than just as a simple gateway.

If you are creative about it, you can easily use the portal to lay a trap for enemy players, give them a false sense of security, and then take them out. You can also use the portal to bombard enemy positions, simply pushing them into submission; the possibilities are simply endless.

4.   Stand still to improve accuracy.

If you have struggled with your accuracy for a while, this tip will help you. To improve your accuracy, you need to stay still. Yes, we are actually advising you to stop your movement and then aim at the enemy player.

Undoubtedly many of you are already scratching your heads reading this; after all, Valorant is a fast-paced game where you cannot afford to slow down for even a second. But when it comes to aiming, it is far better to stop the movement for a better balance while aiming. Taking cover and then patiently targeting the enemy player is undoubtedly the best strategy. Do this, and you will see your K/D ratio skyrocket.

5.   Watch professionals play

You do not need to do everything yourself to improve your gaming skills in Valorant. You can easily watch professional players stream their games to get better and learn new tricks from their experiences. YouTube and Twitch, in particular, have become a gaming zone where professional Valorant players can share their live gameplay and interact with their followers. You can take advantage of this.

Carefully watch how these professional players play the game and look at their strategies, weapons, and game settings. Note them all down, and then try them out in the practice area. Not everything will work for you, but you will still have learned a lot.

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