A construction superintendent fulfills many responsibilities. A few of them include supervising construction activities and coordinating on-site activities and creating punch lists besides many more useful construction related activities.

Creation of punch list is an important task.

So, what is a punch list for construction?

A punch list is a document created at the end of a construction project listing the work not conforming to the contract specifications.

What is a construction punch list without the issues written in detail? But it is too much of a work for the superintendent.

Below are listed a few things that can reduce the punch lists and simultaneously boost the quality performance of the subcontractor.

Convey What Is Expected

Superintendents who set high expectations for first time quality ON THEIR JOBSITE receive best quality performance from their subcontractors. Superintendents who have been successful in answering “what’s a punch list in construction” are the ones who instil their quality standards during the meetings and conversations.

Spot Positive Behavior

Who doesn’t appreciate a positive behavior? It extends to the subcontractors as well. However they are paid for carrying out a quality job, the subcontractors are appreciative of you recognizing their extra effort. Still, there are a few subcontractors whose performance may be a worrying factor. Spot when they do well and seize the opportunity to appreciate it.

Remember, recognized behaviors become repetitive over time.

Be a Teacher

A subcontractor must teach the subcontractor to inspect their work and punch it before asking you to investigate. Take him with you while you carry out your inspection. It will culminate in less number of punch items.

Final Retreat

When the strategies as mentioned above don’t work, what is a punch list manager in construction going to do? He can prepare an action plan which is capable of addressing the problem of repeated punch items. The superintendent can ask him for the project. It should be followed up thoroughly. If need be, adjust the plan to address the issue of repeated punch items.


Evaluate Success

You should ensure that the team’s progress is visible. Punch item count data or inspection scores can be used to track the development of the project. Furthermore, share it with your subcontractors. Construction punch list definition states this too.

To sum up

What is a construction punch list without problems? Field superintendents who follow this strategy will see positive results. It doesn’t mean there would be no problems. Punch lists will have issues but lesser in number. But for this, ensure the first time quality work is 100% complete. And this is the responsibility of the subcontractor.

What is a punch list in construction, if not this?

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