Cheating is a sad phenomenon. Unfortunately, many couples fall apart because of the display of infidelity by their partners. It is not the best feelings to have a hunch that you are being cheated on. It feels sad and is the worst form of betrayal.

If your partner’s addiction to their mobile phone is driving you crazy and making you doubtful, you must seek the truth. You might start reading their messages to know the truth but having them around doesn’t make it feasible.

So you are left with some viable options- you can confront them directly and be lied to or you can seek the truth on your own. You can use the solution by Spyine  to see the truth as it is. This truth will be devoid of any blatant lies, cheating or deceits. 

Catching a cheater is actually simple. You don’t have to hire a spy or follow them around in the city. You can do so directly and remotely from the comfort of your home. You can catch them remotely, without them knowing. Below are the 5 simple ways to catch a cheater:


Spyine is a web based spy app. The app has also been praised by prime critiques like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times and Reader’s Digest. This app has superb features and an utterly safe conduct. You can catch a cheater in complete anonymity.

If you are dealing with trust issues in your relationship, Spyine can show you the real picture. The picture will be devoid of any lies and false claims. You will be able to view matters as they are.

Spyine is better than other spy apps. It is devoid of any phishing tools and malware. Spyine has a safe conduct and ensures that it does not waste time and bandwidth in human verifications and unnecessary surveys. Below are the core features of Spyine:

Excellent Stealth Mode

Spyine has an inbuilt stealth mode. This mode makes the spying extremely anonymous and safe a process. The cheater would not be aware of your spying. They would also not be able to depict a false picture as they wouldn’t know you are watching.

No Jailbreaking or Rooting

Spyine keeps things simple. It does not require you to root or jailbreak through the target device. In fact, if your partner has an iPhone, you can catch them cheating without even touching their phone.

You can catch them in the act in a totally remote way. You do not need to do anything or seek any permission from their phone. The remote access allows you to catch them cheating even when they are in another continent.

If you need to spy on an iPhone, all you need is the icloud credentials. If you have that, you can spy on them in a matter of a few minutes.

When it comes to spying on an Android, Spyine necessitates to download the app on the target device. This act is mandated in case of Android and this process cannot be skipped in any circumstance.

Spyine covers this risk by keeping the app weighed at 2 MB. One can download the app and hide it immediately. Once hidden, the app is never to be found on the phone. The app even vanishes from the library of apps. 

In the future, if the device needs to be removed, it can be done so remotely. Therefore, be it an Android phone or an iPhone, Spyine ensures utter safety in the process of spying. It will help you in keeping your secret, a secret. 


When you intend to engage in an act like spying, you can’t just trust any newbie app. Spyine has a fanbase of over a million users in 190 countries. With its extreme reliability, Spyine has transcended many boundaries.

With many more features like keylogging, variety of monthly plans and a very efficient user interface, Spyine tops the list of the most trusted apps to catch a cheater.


Neatspy is also a nicely interfaced web based spy app. It enables its users to catch someone cheating by virtue of their access to their mobile phones. It turns out to be a good alternative when one needs to catch a cheater in the act. 

Neatspy has a good stealth mode and it further ensures security by not having any rooting or jailbreaking requirements. The fanbase of Neatspy is increasing day by day by simplicity and neatness of its conduct.


ClickFree is also a web based app that offers simple and hassle free methods of catching a cheater red handed through their cell phones. There are many spyware apps, but ClickFree has made its way into the industry. With a clean interface, the operations are as seamless as clicks on the mouse.

You do not need to be a techie to operate ClickFree. Even with basic knowledge, you can ensure seamless activities and seek what you want.


It might have entered late into the industry, but Minspy is very popular with its target customers. The app has earned patronage from neo youth intending to seek the truth behind their loving relationships. It is a reliable alternative.

The processes of working on Minspy are very simple. It does not have any elaborate list of instructions to follow. It also has a perfect interface that allows users to get used to its conduct effortlessly.


Spyic is a global name already. It has a fan base from many nations. With respect to its trustworthiness, the app turns out to be a user favourite. It has a good stealth mode to ensure secrecy of spying.

It has all essential features that are required for and expected of a spy app. The features are simplistic. Hence, the effortlessness in the app makes it a sought after alternative in the spyware industry.


To catch a cheater, these bespoke spy apps can allow you to start reading their messages to engage in holistic spying. The spying solution by Spyine makes it a leader of the range of spyware. It is superbly convenient and perfect.

When seeking the spy app of choice, the users must consider the alternatives, the choices and the plans. Most spy wares are also secretly a source of phishing tools and extensions, so make an informed choice.

These apps will ensure that you catch a cheater in the most realistic way. You don’t have to believe in hearsay. You can see everything on your own, first hand!

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