Running a business is hard work. Rewarding work, at the end of the day, but still challenging. There is a lot to manage, from payroll to tax to marketing and strategy. It can be incredibly profitable if you manage to succeed, but not everyone does. Those that do are usually ready to embrace technology fully and migrate to the digital age. So, if your processes and procedures are still heavily reliant on manual inputs, paperwork and other outdated ways of working, it is worth considering upgrading to business software that can help you run your business. Let’s explore five signs you may need to make the move to decent business software.

You Rely on Manual and Paper Invoicing

Are you still creating invoices from scratch, printing them out and mailing them out to your clients? While you will still get paid at the end of the day, this is an inefficient way of working. This whole process is considerably time-consuming. Even employing someone to stuff envelopes (amongst other duties) is not a great use of your human resources. Accounting software can automate the entire process, from generating invoices, sending them and even sending late notices or final notices. You could save a whole stack of time, and money, by migrating to a software system that can take care of this for you.

You’re Drowning in Filing and Storage 

Relying on paper to keep records is a relic of the past. Do you have rows of filing cabinets, filled with old records and another red tape? This is a serious risk to your business. Imagine an accidental fire. All that hard work and data, all gone up in smoke. Business software can store all your data on the cloud, safe and secure and encrypted with gold-standard methods. While you may never get rid of all paper records, business software can greatly reduce the need for physical storage space. 

Your Payroll Team is Snowed Under

Payroll teams who rely on hand-written timesheets, pen and paper and calculators are always snowed under. If you pay people are stressed, worn out and constantly playing catch up there is probably a pretty good case to migrate your pay systems to software. Some business software even eliminates the need for timesheets – your staff only have to put in their leave for the week or fortnight, if their regular roster doesn’t vary. Software can automate payslips as well, making it super easy for employees to keep records of their pay. 

Tax Time is a Nightmare

Is your office a madhouse at the end of the financial year? Are you accountants pulling out their hair, trying to track down invoice after invoice? Accounting software allows you to upload your invoices and your income as you go, making tax returns a breeze.

You Have No Time for Important Tasks

If you and your team spend all your spare time on manual processes and have no time to focus on marketing, strategy or growth you are treading water in the business world. Without these important tasks, you risk stagnation. Free up some time by upgrading your firm’s tech. 

In Conclusion

If you rely on manual invoicing, a software system can automate the process for you. If your office is full to the brim with records and filing cabinets, you may want to consider cloud-based storage solutions. Is your payroll team always stressed due to manual processes? Consider switching to payroll software systems. Tax time can be made almost bearable with digital upgrades, and all of these changes will free you and your teams up for marketing, strategy, and scaling. Good luck!

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.