2021 might be the year we say goodbye to the bulky desktop monitor forever. These portable monitor innovations are making on-the-go work and entertainment better than ever.

4K Ultra-HD

4k Lumonitor

4K is still big news for TVs and desktop monitors, but it will soon break into the world of portable monitors.

And we’re not talking big bulky monitors either. There are already a few powerhouse 4K portable monitors that are scheduled to hit shelves at the end of 2020, and they’re looking sleeker and sexier than ever.

For example, Lumonitor, the new beast of a monitor by Lumonitor Labs, boasts 15.6 inches of widescreen 4K at just 6mm thin and 1.3 lbs light!

Not only is that one of the best resolutions you’ll find in any monitor on the planet, but it’s also thinner and lighter than MacBook Air.

Lumonitor also features a built-in battery, Hi-Fi speakers, and a 4K optimized touchscreen,  making it the most advanced monitor ever and earning it a coveted spot at the top of our Christmas lists (though, if you don’t trust Santa to get the job done, you can preorder Lumonitor now and save over 30%).

4K will make on-the-go entertainment more engaging than ever, especially because streaming services will begin to release even more 4K-ready content. It will also completely change the game for gig workers like designers, coders, artists, photographers, and more.

Built-in Battery

Why does your monitor need a built-in battery? Until now, it’s been fine to share your laptop battery with your portable monitor. And for the most part, it didn’t make a noticeable difference to your device’s battery life.

But times are changing, and monitors are growing. Until recently, users were fine with monitors under 14 inches. But now, demand is growing quickly for 16”, 17”, and even 20” portable monitors.

Toss in some extra features like 4K and enhanced brightness and your battery is toast.

If you want a portable monitor that looks good and functions like a dream, you need to choose one with a built-in power source.

This doesn’t just prevent battery drain on your device. It also has some other major benefits:

  • It lets you connect to small devices like your smartphone, which isn’t possible with most monitors today
  • It charges your devices like a power bank
  • It enables portable multi-display setups
  • It allows for wireless use similar to a tablet

A monitor with a battery might not seem like a big deal. But it really is. Don’t get a monitor without one, especially if you want to travel with it.

Onboard Speakers

As desktop monitors get replaced by portable monitors, portable displays will start to take on some of the tech now housed in their static counterparts.

We are seeing this happening now as new portable monitors are starting to include onboard speakers. Users will be able to keep their monitors on their desks and watch videos, make calls, and listen to music without having to hook up external speakers.

This will enhance the grab-and-go simplicity of portable monitors and keep one more clunky gadget from finding a home in your bag.

Just make sure to check the speaker quality first. It’s easy to stick a tiny speaker on the side of a monitor. To make sure your monitor has a sound that actually reaches your ears, look for one with stereo speakers.

More Compact than Ever

All these exciting new tech additions might make you forgive new monitors for being a bit bulkier. But it shouldn’t.

You can expect portable monitors to get even smaller, slimmer, and lighter in 2021. And why shouldn’t they? If brands can fit a professional camera, retina screen, 10-hour battery, and 256 GB hard drive into your phone, they should be able to make a monitor that doesn’t weigh you down.

If you’re shopping for a new monitor, a display under 14” should be around 1 lb and a 14”-20” monitor should be under 1.5 lbs. Monitor thickness should be under 8 mm. Any more than that and you may as well move back to 2018.

Eye-Care Optimization

Our screen time is growing exponentially, with adults spending up to half of every day with their eyes glued to a device. There are a number of health issues associated with too much screen time, but one of the most common is related to eye care.

People with too much screen exposure can suffer from dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and other vision ailments.

To remedy this, some new monitors are being designed with eye-care features that reduce eye fatigue. These features include:

  • Anti-blue light: Blue light is one of the most harmful types of light emitted by screens. It can even lead to retina damage.
  • Anti-flicker: You may not be able to tell, but your portable monitor could be flickering rapidly and causing your eyes and head to ache. Screen flickering can also cause macular degeneration.
  • Anti-glare: Glare is just annoying. It also makes you strain your eyes a lot more to see your screen, which can cause discomfort.

If you plan to use your monitor often, look for a product with one or all of these eye-protecting features. Risking your vision is simply not worth it!

Unplug and Innovate in 2021

Tech is getting lighter and jobs are getting remoter (…is that a word?), so there’s no reason to buy a piece of bulky machinery that’s going to tie you to your desk in 2021.

Portable monitors are going to be thinner, lighter, faster, and more dynamic than ever before. If you haven’t considered making the switch, now is the time to give it some serious thought.

If you want a taste of what the future has in store, check out the features of the up-and-coming Lumonitor. It’s got all the innovations that we talked about on this list plus more. It’s pretty much the Rolls-Royce of monitors.

And, its pre-order phase is in full swing, so you can get a huge 4K monitor as thin as a few nickels for a massive discount.

Check it out, and we’ll see you in 2021!

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