Technology gives us many things starting from most high-tech artificial intelligence system to spaceships. All these amazing things are the boon of technology for mankind but wait, how can we exclude the Smartphone from the great invention of science?

Apps/applications are the software used by the smartphone to do various types of task.  In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 smartphone Apps which every xiaomi smartphone user must have.

This article is completely dedicated to MI user. So, if you are an MI user and want to know more about that top 5 apps then keep reading the article.

1) WhatsApp:-


We live in the 21st century and if we named this time as the era of social media then probably it may not be a wrong statement. A study says that 80% of Indian Smartphone user uses what’s app for their messaging purposes. What’s app is basically a free instant messaging app which gives free audio/video call and messaging facility to its customer. If you have not and what’s app account then hurry up! Download it and start messaging.

2) Amazon APP:-

Amazon APP

Going outside for shopping is quite outdated stuff to do in these days. In fact, shopping is one of the toughest tasks to do. So, now people favoring online shopping instead of doing it on offline (market, mall). This is the reason which makes an E-Shopping website to grow. If you are also a regular shopper then why don’t you install worlds No.1 online shopping website, Amazon! And also never forget to experience the awesome and limitless option for shopping.

3) Paytm APP:-

Paytm APP

Do you remember those old days when people made a long queue in the bank for money transferring, deposit and withdraw? Well, everyone knows that in the bank even a simple work is needed lots of effort to get it done successful but now those old days are gone. Today, you can do this all banking stuff from sitting in the home at your fingertips and also in minutes. If you also wanted to do this all stuff from home than Paytm is the best option for you.

4) Ola:-


Are you living in a metro city? If your answer is yes then congratulation! The happy news is only waiting for you in this section of the article. Transportation is a big issue for every people who live in tier-1 cities. For the solution of this issue everybody wanted to buy their own car but unfortunately, everyone can’t afford a personal car and if you are able to afford your own car then, in that case, it’s quite difficult to drive in those busy streets of a metro city. So, where is the solution? Here is the solution! Lift up your MI Smartphone to install the Ola App now and be ready to experience the best rental option for cabs that you might never feel like before.

5) Xender APP:-

Xender APP

In these days sharing is caring. We have a necessity to share Data, files, video in our day to day life. Now, thanks to Xender that make this sharing procedure become so easy. Now thanks to Xender that make this sharing procedure become so easy and hassle-free. Every MI smartphone user shares their data in a few minutes. Millions of user already downloaded and happily using the Xender. If you also wanted to share something via Smartphone then you can install Xender without any second thought.

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