There is no denying that videos from some of your favourite Instagram influencers have cracked you up more than twice.

From the lightweight velfies (video selfies) to the well edited videos, we all have had our ribs cracked while soaking up targeted social media campaigns.

Looking beyond the comic nature of videos or the products that are being marketed, it is the work done that behind the scenes that question the mind.

So what are the free video editors that your favourite IG influencers and comedians are using?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is probably the most popular free video editing software for beginners as well as professionals. Perfect for creating video clips, splicing two or more videos, adding music and still images as well as editing already save media. Also, a great feature is the Auto-save function which reliefs the fear of losing your work.

While its many features may be problematic for some, it also gives the Adobe Premiere Pro user a wide range of functions to play with in creating your social media video.

Final Cut Pro X

This works excellently for creating and editing 3D videos. With a simple few clicks, you can apply special effects like lightening, create animated characters and adjust the look and feel of your video.

The user-friendly interface and smooth rendering qualities makes Final Cut Pro X a darling for the video editor who is just starting out. Another paramount feature is the library organisation which helps you save and easily access your edited media.


Lightworks is a Non-Linear Editing Software that supports resolutions up to 4K, inclusive of videos in SD and HD formats. The Emmy award-winning software is easy-to-use and because you can create proxies of the videos you are editing, less powerful computers can be used.

The software is committed to giving your video a good focus, thus helping you create a solid narrative editing if that is your niche. The most prominent minus to Lightworks, however, is to ensure your PC is fast otherwise importing can be very slow and frustrating.


There is hardly any more flexible free video editing tool than the iMovie. It has two versions – iMovie for Mac and iMovie for iPhone.

You can create trailers and beautiful movies using this editing tool. You don’t have to be super proficient with editing to use iMovie. Drop-down windows and pop-ups make it quite easy to use.


This is truly a ‘short-cut’ to free video editing for social media as Shotcut is an open source and a cross-platform video editor.

Although the interface might be a bit confusing at the start, the transition is quick and rendering videos in any format is faster than Usain Bolt. Attaching and detaching video and audio edits is no problem, especially with an excellent GPU feature and ability to recover edits in the case of power failure or a crashed system.

Rules of Thumb 

  1. It is always best to choose the free video editor that is most compatible with your system.
  2. Endeavour to read reviews and watch YouTube videos before deciding on which video editor to use. Nothing is as frustrating as having to go back and forth when trying to create your video, especially with time breathing down your neck.
  3. Finally, don’t let the beginning scare you, once accustomed to your free video editor, you will soon begin to feel like the popular influencers and other social media video creators you admire.