During the time of the pandemic, traveling for a holiday has been significantly limited. For many of us, flying to an all-inclusive hotel or sightseeing in a desired remote location will remain only a dream this season.

However, this doesn’t mean that we should all refrain from making trips ultimately, and shouldn’t seek any comfort during the vacation time. On the contrary – it’s best to facilitate the summertime by all possible means.

Useful and handy gadgets are one of these things that can sometimes make us smile immediately and have a mood-boosting influence. On the other hand – lack of these handy devices can automatically destroy even the best holiday trip.

Below, we present a subjective choice of life-facilitating gadgets that are a must on every holiday trip – no matter if it’s just a short trip or a long-distance expedition.

1.   High-quality Earbuds


Traveling wouldn’t be the same without music – let’s admit it. Listening to your favorite playlists while lying on the beach, trekking in the mountains, or simply wandering around a city definitely adds a sense of uniqueness and magic to the holiday moments.

Traveling with a big pair of headphones could be uncomfortable, so it’s best to choose the best value earbuds that will facilitate your trip. They’re compact, minimalistic, and offer best-quality sound with additional effects.

Another plus of using earbuds on vacation is that they can serve a sound-damping function. Once you have good-quality earbuds, you can successfully isolate from any irritating noises coming from the outside.

2.   Instax Photo Camera

Nowadays, everyone enjoys taking quick snapshots by simply using their smartphones. However, have you imagined the pleasure of getting your picture printed immediately? It’s not impossible even in the most remote locations.

You can do that by taking a photo camera with an in-built, portable printer, such as the one produced by Instax. It is compact and easy to use—the elegant and minimalistic design is another great plus of Instax.

The moments that are caught with that camera will get additional, unique value. You and your friends will enjoy photo galleries almost on-demand – wherever you are. To read more about this kind of camera, visit this website.

3.   A Resistant Power Bank

Every holiday maker knows how frustrating a low phone battery can be. What’s more, no one would like to spend ages looking for an available socket or a free charging point when traveling.

A good solution to a flat battery problem is taking a resistant power bank for every trip. While choosing one, pay attention to the size, the number of ports, and the capacity. Usually, the bigger the power bank is, the greater capacity it has.

Normally, a portable charger has enough power to charge your phone three whole times, but if you need more, you can look for a more powerful one. As far as the ports are concerned, it’s easiest to find a device that allows for charging one smartphone at once. However, there are also options adjusted for charging two or more phones at the same time.

To see some examples of the best budget, resistant power banks, click here.

4.   A Multifunctional Smartwatch

Some people say that smartwatches are just new, useless versions of smartphones – but they probably don’t realize how convenient these watches are!

A smartwatch can be extremely useful while traveling, as it has multiple functions – it’s not only a watch, but also a GPS, telephone, scales, or even a health supervisor.  All these aspects may not be that crucial when you’re sitting on your own sofa, but they can gain importance during a holiday trip.

Most smartwatches are also waterproof and weather-resistant, so you can safely test them in all the possible conditions. You might have a look at some best smartwatches, for example, on this website.

5.   An E-book Reader

Who says traveling is only for sightseeing? Many book lovers surely want to take a whole library to their holiday expedition. It’s impossible for obvious reasons, especially when you’re traveling with limited luggage.

Taking an e-book reader instead of traditional books is a great option in this case. You might download all the titles that interest you beforehand so that you have everything in one place. E-book readers are light, compact, and elegant, the majority of them also have an in-built ‘night-reading’ option, which limits the blue light emitted by the screen.

With an e-book reader, you’ll finally be able to indulge in your favorite novel wherever you are.


Holidays are supposed to be pleasurable, effortless, and free of inconveniences. In this day and age, you can make your vacation even more comfortable by choosing some gadgets that will surely facilitate the travel.

You can adjust the choice to your needs – if you’re a reading freak, you’ll surely enjoy a minimalistic e-book reader, and if you’re more of a music lover, you can appreciate high-quality earbuds. Photography fans can print their photos immediately by choosing a camera with an in-built printer.

The options are almost endless! So, take some wholesome devices on your trip and enjoy the most convenient holiday in your life!

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