Making money while sleeping is one of the dreams of many, which also refers to passive income. While this dream is the most delightful, it doesn’t come easy. You may need to exert some effort and wait for some time before you can make it work.

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Nonetheless, here are some digital tips for creating passive income:

  1. Sell Digital Real Estate

Digital real estate stands for a lot of things. To put it simply, it’s any form of asset that exists and is being run digitally, has the right of use, and can be bought or sold digitally. This can come in the form of blogs, websites, and digital domains. Other digital products such as social media accounts and mailing lists also fall into the category. And content such as videos, images, slide decks, and spreadsheets that possess the right of use are also examples of digital assets. If you become well-knowledgeable on how to invest in digital real estate, you can earn much from it.

Conversely, data that don’t possess the right of use aren’t considered digital assets. Similar to physical properties, digital assets are available for selling and buying. Likewise, the value of digital properties also tends to appreciate over time, provided that they are maintained correctly. 

Digital assets have a strong potential to be a source of passive income because their value compounds quickly. In addition, most people now have access to the internet, and the market for digital properties continues to grow. With such, many entrepreneurs are leveraging digital real estate to earn passive income. 

Another benefit of investing in digital assets is their scalability. Since digital assets are uploaded online, anyone on the internet can access your data if they choose to, making it easier to find an audience. Although it’d still take some time and a lot of hard work to gain traction, it’s still much easier than before.

  1. Be An Affiliate Marketer

This tip is geared for people who have their websites or have a wide following on social media. Since you already have an audience, you can partner with certain brands and promote their products or services to your audience. In return, you can get a commission with a flat rate or a percentage of the total sales amount.

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As an affiliate marketer, it’d be better if you promote products and services that you’re passionate about or are incredibly relevant to the type of content you produce. Or start by learning the ropes of marketing through online courses like inbound closer and other similar marketing courses. You can read a lot of reviews and posts online if you want to know what is inbound closer.

Being an affiliate marketer is pretty easy since many brands are looking to market their products to a bigger audience without building the audience themselves. Getting started with affiliate marketing has also become easier thanks to third-party platforms dedicated to connecting brands with influencers. Another option is to directly contact the brand through their social media accounts or by sending them an email.

  1. Invest In Dividend-Paying Stocks Or Funds

You can try investing in companies or funds that pay their investors through dividends. Dividends are a form of payment that companies offer to investors either quarterly or annually. These are taken from a company’s profit and are paid out depending on the number of stocks a shareholder or an investor possesses. Simply put, the more stock you own, the higher the dividend you’ll receive.

  1. Sell Photos

If you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you can earn a passive income simply by selling your photos online. You only need to upload your photos on stock image websites, and whenever someone uses your image, you’ll receive a commission. 

  1. Sell Videos

Similar to selling photos, stock videos can be sold as well. There’s a big market for stock videos, especially from bloggers and digital marketers. Just upload the file online and expect a return every time your videos are purchased. That’s if you edit your videos well. 

Certain websites purchase videos containing relevant or controversial events. So, every time you find yourself in between protests, or any dramatic situation, it might be a good idea to whip out your camera. You never know when someone might be willing to pay for that. 


Whether you want extra income or passive income, the tips mentioned above are easy to start. Unlike starting a business, these strategies don’t require you to produces hundreds of dollars. Instead, you’re more likely to invest in time and effort at first. Then, when it gains traction, you can now earn money even when you’re sleeping.

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