In a year when most of us have been at home far more than we expected to be, TV has become a refuge and it offers so much more today than it did a decade ago. There are many reasons why Android TV, Google’s smart TV platform, provides the ideal home entertainment solution, below are 5 of the most compelling. After reading this, please take a look at for more product information.

  1. Android is Google designed and it works excellently. Your mobile phone and tablet with smart capabilities already offer you Google Android and your TV experience can be equally enhanced by choosing a model with the Android operating system integrated. This means that Google Chromecast, Google Assistant and Google Play Store are already installed for your convenience. Android offers the ability to play, pause, record and replay programmes and films, to access streaming services, download content and to store your unique media from birthday party videos to photos taken during the staycation of 2020. Google is trusted to deliver the best and this applies to their TV’s. They have partnered with some of the biggest and most popular brands on the market including Sony, Philips, Humax Direct and TCL so quality and cutting edge technology are guaranteed.
  2. The flexibility to watch what you want when you want and how you want is a primary benefit of Android TV. Your TV gets to know your viewing habits and what you are likely to be interested in. It will recommend content that it thinks is right for you, not the rest of the street. For example, you can be watching a Netflix drama recommended by Android whilst your neighbours on one side view their favourite soap on terrestrial TV and the neighbour on the other side catches up on the comedy show they love via a streaming service. The days of having limited choices is over.
  3. Android’s easy to use. User experience is at the core of Android TV; no one sticks with a product that doesn’t increase their enjoyment and this option is reassuringly popular globally. The voice control operation and remote control, the carefully configured screen layouts, text and images, the ease of navigation and the curated content mean that your TV is not just something that sits in the corner. It is smart, smart enough to interact with you and to enhance your entertainment experience. You have the optimum levels of technology and expertise at your disposal and without any operational flaws that lesser products could deliver. e.g. Google Play Store is already installed so when you want to download a game or app you are one voice instruction away from getting into the store, the same applies for Google Assistant which has over 500000 shows to select. Convenience cannot be underestimated
  4. You can use subscription free services. If you’re weary of paying a subscription fee to a satellite or cable company for your TV viewing, there are Android TV compatible subscription free alternatives. Freeview Play, Freesat and Youview are three possibilities. Freeview uses an aerial and it’s installed in over 18 million UK homes and 95% of the most watched programmes are reached through Freeview Play; radio stations and on demand services are available. Freesat’s services require a satellite dish and they feature over 200 digital TV and radio channels. 13 of the TV channels are HD. Youview is similar to the Freeview option but has 70 plus channels.
  5. Compatible products add to the enjoyment. From soundbars to gaming controllers, the way you use your TV can be enhanced with additional, but non essential, products.

A new recorder from Humax Direct, launched in November 2020 is unique and it could prove so useful that it becomes the must have item. The Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder is the only 4K recorder with Freeview Play installed and it is powered by Android TV. With easy set up, user friendly attributes including excellent search and download tools and instant access to 85 channels, 15 of which are HD, the capability to record 4 shows whilst watching a 5th and 1000 memory hours in the 2TB model and 500 hours in the 1TB,  it offers the most sophisticated technology within a sleek and stylish box. Plus, the Aura app streams and saves content to different devices. There’s a 2 year warranty as standard.

Take a step into the world of personalised, effective and efficient Google Android TV. You’ll love it.

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