As you might know, the Indian government took an anonymous decision to ban 59 Chinese applications. These apps are suspicious of leaking user data to their Chinese roots. One of those apps is ShareIt, which was the primary sharing app for most of us to send images, apps, videos, and other types of data.

But now we need an alternative to that. Here, we came up with the top 5 even better apps than ShareIt you can use to send and receive files more securely.

Why is it important to get rid of ShareIt?

Due to the recent tensions on the border, India has to be alarmed by any kind of threat from China. So the Indian government implemented a ban on 59 Chinese apps that could leak fragile data and harm the digital integrity of the country.

As per the 2017 National Intelligence Law and the 2014 Counter-Espionage Law in china, Chinese companies must disclose users’ data whenever the Chinese government asks for that. It’s a threat to all the other countries as there are popular apps like TikTok, ShareIt, Likee, etc. are quite popular among people.

ShareIt may collect private information from your device and leak it to the Chinese officials anytime. So stop using it anymore and pick one from the list of best ShareIt alternatives that are safe to use.

1. JioSwitch

Being completely Indian, JioSwitch is the best alternative of ShareIt you can install on your phone to share photos, videos, applications, or any other type of file.

It’s UI and interface is much like ShareIt, so you won’t have any difficulty in adapting to this new replacement.

On top of that, you won’t see any ads and bloatware. Just simple sharing options and you’re ready to send or receive. You can even send contacts, call logs, calendar, and messages in case you’re upgrading to a new smartphone.

2. Files by Google

Files by Google (formerly known as Files Go) is Google’s file manager application. It has a ton of features including offline file sharing.

Its file-sharing section is easy to use with two simple buttons for sending and receiving. Unlike ShareIt, it is totally ads-free and very straightforward to use.

It is just under 7mb, which would save you space and work smoothly. We recommend you to use it as your primary file manager app so you can skip installing an additional app to share files.

3. Send Anywhere

If you want a complete file sharing experience, Send Anywhere is the way to go. As the name suggests, you can send files anywhere to any device with its versatile options.

Share files via wifi, social media, or with a link with a 6-digit authentication key. It works flawlessly online, as well as offline.

With lossless quality file sharing, Reinforced file encryption (256-bit), and cross-platform usability, it is the best you can have as a file-sharing application.

4. Share ALL 

With the same UI and UX as ShareIt, Share ALL is the option that you can consider if you can’t use any other app different than ShareIt.

It has all the features you used before( even the logo and names are identical). So you can say, it is the Indian counterpart of the ShareIt application which is banned now.

You don’t need the internet or USB connectivity to send and receive files.

5. SuperBeam

If you’re using smartphones from years, you probably heard of SuperBeam somewhere. It is a classic file sharing app that has been in the market from the start.

It’s simple to pair devices through SuperBeam using QR codes, NFC (Near Field Communication), or by a sharing key.

You can also share files with devices without the application through the web interface. Other features include Light/Dark mode, history records, and direct Wifi connectivity.


For the sake of online security, you should use services which has a good reputation and open roots.

Those are 5 best picks you can get in return of ShareIt. You can get most of them on other platforms like iOS and Windows. As per our view, Files by Google in the best, else others are good too.

Let us know your preferred application from or out of the list.

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