Wanting to learn a new foreign language? Tired of all the traditional classroom training? A Smartphone is all you need to begin your exploration. The blog below will give you a glimpse of all you need to prep yourself with just before making your first move. When I started learning a new language, I just blindly download apps and browse the website very randomly. I didn’t know how to use an app, which was the right app/website to use, how to use an app. This blog will address all the questions of a beginner and will guide you to successfully master Spanish.

Best Spanish Learning App
Best Spanish Learning App

So here we listed the 5 Best Android apps which you can download in your smartphone to learn the Spanish language.



To learn a language the first thing to do is getting firm with the scripts and vocabulary, Thankfully, Mondly will take care of it. Mondly helps you learn all the vocabulary that you need to know at each levels with a very clear audio pronunciation. A Quick tip- Repeat the words right after the audio. This will help you improve your pronunciation. The app doesn’t just stop with that, infact you can successfully build basic sentences with learned words. Every single day the app brings new words to learn. It is partially free. You can purchase the full app at Rs.599.99 for 12 months or at 49.99 per month.


One interesting bang of this app is its chatbot. The chatbot gives you a unique chatroom where you can interact with a bot. The bot chats with just like a friend are but in Spanish, the bot asks questions and also gives you alternative replies for the question. This will help you learn the language much much faster. The app also gives you the privilege of speaking with the bot too. I highly recommend you to use this app for basic vocabulary, sentences, pronunciation, read and writer.


This app can be very good for beginner

Duolingo is a platform that helps you build more vocabularies. If you are someone who is starting to learn the language from scratch then this is a must download the app.  Right after you enter into the app. It asks you to pick a goal or rather how many min in a day that you would like to spend on learning. The app makes sure that you meet this goal. The colorful and the lit graphics will definitely take you back to your pre-school times. Heads up on a well-built platform. Once again, the audio is clean and crisp.


Lessons are grouped into various themes like Travel, Restaurant, Family, shopping. You can toggle between various themes and learn at ease. This app also has an additional feature where you can share your achievements with your facebook fam and other social media fam. You can challenge your friends who are on the same page as you. Duolingo lets you create a profile which will place you on a leadership board. The app is available at 15.14 MB on android. It can become your best learning app for the Spanish language

3# Fastlingo

App for Learning Spanish from scratch

The very next step right after building strong vocabs is learning the grammar. Fastlingo is the right door to learn grammar in a clear way. Fastlingo explains the grammar concepts in a very detailed manner. You can also learn it in your mother tongue by just adjusting the settings. This Foreign language learning app supports various other languages other than just English. Plus, this app gives you the advantage to record your sentences in your own voice so you can check and correct them if needed. So this is a winning point to start speaking as a native speaker.


The design is very basic. Not too much of graphics are used. The overall outlook of this app is simple and great. This app comes with NO Internet usage. So struck in a place and detached from the internet then connect to Fastlingo. There are 22 versions of the app available on Android. The free version gives minimum grammar coverage. The paid version ( Rs 190) covers most of the grammar with over 4000 grammar topics and examples.



StackOverflow is a website that connects people across the world who belong to the same community or same learning space just like you. StackOverflow supports a lot of communities. There is a group to learn coding, economics, and much more. The main purpose of the community is to help and compliment other peers who are struggling and struck with an issue. If you have any difficulty in understanding a particular concept you just have to go on your community and post it on this group. Pro learners and native speakers will clarify your doubts within few minutes.

Stackoverflow is of a great help when you are learning this language on your own. You can also help others if they have doubts in a concept that you already know. This is available for free of cost and can be accessed with google or facebook accounts.



Anki app gives you the opportunity to use and build flashcards. Flashcards are an integral part in memorizing and testing various aspects of language like vocabulary, grammar points, etc. Anki lets you create your own desired flashcards or you can download and use the flashcards that are already created by other users. We simply have to download the deck that we like, read words and test on them.


Anki monitors your daily and weekly performance and efficiently track you based on your usage of the app.  An effective way to use is to create a deck and put words that you tend to forget, go through them very often. This way you will be in touch with those words, also it helps you to store in your memory for a very long time. Logic is if you see something every day it becomes a part of you. App also gives you an option to add images or animation to your deck and make it more creative.