The three things you need to increase your wins in Apex Legends are Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Practice. Apex Legends is a game that has taken the industry into higher levels of excitement through its gameplay modes. You can play the Battle Royale or play the Arenas.

But no matter where you are, surviving other pro players and taking the crown won’t be an easy feat. News flash! Many pro players still find it difficult to win in Apex Legends. So, pay attention to the tips below to up your game and increase your chances of winning.

Advanced Apex Legends Tips

1.    Throw some Bombs

One reason to throw a bomb at the enemies is to weaken them and take them down. If you’re lucky, you may kill many of them in that one bomb fire from the start. If you didn’t, don’t worry at all. As soon as you’ve disoriented them, kill them.

Also, using bombs can help you to retreat when indoors. If you throw a grenade at your enemies, they’ll clear for you to disappear like a king. Mind you that will last for a short time unless they’re all dead.

2.    Use the balloons.

Apex Legends provide balloons for players to move, even though many people ignore them. If you find yourself in a sticky and deadly situation, rush to the balloons and redeploy your squad out of there.

Apart from escaping, balloons will increase the speed of your movement in the game. Moreover, combining an exploit with the balloons gives you more speed than you can imagine. So, don’t get your squad killed when you can redeploy quickly.

3.    Add a Gold helmet to Lifeline.

Just like the name implies, Lifeline keeps you and your squad healthy and alive during the game. She is a support-focused hero who should try to empower to stay fit. For instance, Lifeline takes little time to revive downed teammates and covers them with a shield as she works.

This support is crucial because if you try it without her and enemies catch you, they’ll rush in to kill you. But with Lifeline, they won’t get the chance. Also, with the shield she brings, you can dodge the enemies even if your teammate fell on open grounds.

Giving a gold helmet to Lifeline will enhance and fasten her abilities. With that, you can get many care packages and healing drones to revive your team. Remember, that’s if you have Lifeline in your team and if you happen to find a gold helmet.

4.    Drop before your enemies.

The main reason to drop faster before other players are to get the best loots. If the enemies manage to cart away the deadlier equipment and valuable items, you’re going to be killed before you enjoy the game. So, the best strategy is to drop faster to secure them. Anything after leaves you with low-tier items plus many desperate enemies to fight. And believe this, you don’t want to fight that many enemies to end up with ordinary weapons.

So, when you’re landing, drop-down straight at a speed of 145. But when you’re approaching your destination, reduce the speed to 135 and gradually drop until you make it down. During the process, make sure you’re watching your speedometer to know what you’re using. Once you drop, move in for the loot and kill the enemies coming behind.

5.    Target the head and chest

You already know that you must get your enemy with one shot, right? The best way to get this kill is to put a bullet into the enemy’s head. What if you miss it? Apex Legends says, “Target the chest next” This is not a rule but a tactical move.

Everybody part has a level of damage that you can achieve. No matter where you shoot an enemy, you’re sure that mete out great damage. But for the deadliest damage, the head should be your first choice. But if you couldn’t get your enemy’s head, aim at the chest and pump it open.

After the head, the chest is your next best option for the kill. Don’t waste your ammo firing randomly and failing to kill an enemy. Take a calculated shot for better results.


Apex Legend is a game of survival. The Battle Royale involves mass team fights, while the Arena involves a three-player squad only. No matter the mode you play, you’ll need all the hacks and tips to survive. Your ammo is important, and you can’t let your team down either. So, think fast, strategize and communicate.

All the tips we have shared in this article will help you to up your game more. However, if you need more to increase your win rate, consider acquiring industry-leading apex legend cheats by visiting With the extra help, you’re sure to win all your fights in Apex Legends.

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