If you’re determined to make the new year a healthier one, a standing desk can be an excellent start. Allowing you to stand up while you work at your desk, they eliminate the risks of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

If investing in a standing desk is out of the question, the solution can be as simple as placing your computer monitor on top of a box and lifting your screen and keyboard up to where it is comfortable for you.

If you’re feeling the cost-of-living-pinch, there are ways to pinch back. Here are 4 ways to allow anyone to create a standing desk from scratch in unusual ways.

No Need to Drain your Wallet with a Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box
Use of Cardboard Box

If you don’t have a budget for a fancy standing desk, you can build your own cool cardboard stand that will fit your height perfectly and get rid of that debilitating back pain you’re battling with. Making use of a few sturdy cardboard boxes you can use glue and masking tape to make an entire cardboard box desk or you can tip a box over and use it on top of your current desk.


  • With cardboard you’re being cost effective but also eco-friendly.
  • If you’ve got artistic skills, you can actually work on the desk and make it look visually
  • appealing.
  • A practical and inexpensive alternative to buying a standing desk,   even one that is cheap.


  • It’s a temporary solution. Spilling tea or coffee on it just once will drastically reduce its lifespan.
  • Only a flat surface to work with, not as ergonomic as some other solutions.

Use an Old Chair

Use an Old Chair
Use an Old Chair

If you’re on a budget but not a DIY kinda guy (or gal), a chair put on top of your current desk can be another cost effective way to start standing while you work.


  • You’ve got an immediate standing desk without spending a dime.


  • Can be.a major fashion faux pas, even at home
  • Not height adjustable

Use a Lightweight Cardboard Standing Desk

Use a Lightweight Cardboard Standing Desk
Use a Cardboard Standing Desk

For less than $30, the unique Spark cardboard box by Ergodriven is another good option for a cheap standing desk. Cardboard can be cut, folded and shaped for heaps of creative uses, and decorative too! This cardboard desk’s dimensions are 17.8 x 13.7 x 4.5 inches. Don’t for one minute think you’re getting a flimsy item as the Spark cardboard standing desk can support over 100 lbs – it’s strong and stable.

The cardboard standing desk comes with a 2-level set-up – one for the screen and the other for the keyboard. When you read customer reviews on this product, the general consensus is that this is one awesome item. After several months of usage, it still performs well, maintaining its simple, uncluttered good looks for a long time.


  • Very robust product, purposely manufactured to stand the test of time.
  • Quick assembly – start using it immediately.
  • Lightweight, recyclable and inexpensive.


  • Once it’s up it isn’t instantly collapsible like the adjustable desk riser.

Use a Cheap but Sturdy Standing Desk Riser

An actual standing desk can easily run into the thousands, though something almost as robust for costs far less is a standing desk riser. The rising and lowering design of the a desk riser is sure to improve your overall health, letting you alternate between sitting and standing at a whim.

There are literally countless desk risers out there; a good but inexpensive one is the Huanuo Desk Riser, at around $140. Made of premium materials, this cheap desk riser is nice and sturdy, with a surface of 31.5’’ x 15.8’’. It can hold up to 33lbs. Its height adjustment range is 4.2’’ to 20.1’’. The desk riser comes with the convenience of a ’removable keyboard tray. Another useful aspect is the slot on the desktop where you can put your phone for instance. With a gas spring adjustment system, you just need to put the stand-up desk on your table and slide the side levers to elevate the height.


  • Solid construction and guaranteed to last longer than your cardboard box standing desk.
  • You can still keep your current desk, eliminating the need to purchase an entire standing desk set-up.
  • Multiple levels and compartments for all your computer accessories.


  • Little bit heavy for frail people or those with disabilities – unlike the cardboard standing desk which is lightweight.
  • Limited surface area compared to a real standing desk

If the surface space of the Huanuo riser is too small, ErgonomicTrends.com has a list of other standing desk risers worth checking out.

Wrapping Up

Today is the time to stop sitting all day if you don’t want to be headed for an early grave. Fortunately there are innovative ways to do something immediately without parting with big bucks, and who knows, they may prove so effective healthwise, you can leave them exactly as they are.
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