Since we do everything online these days, we have login details for just about everything. Whether it’s online banking or shopping, social media or checking out cool fashion. Which means most of us have one password that fits all. Sometimes we’ll try a different version of that password, by adding a special character or a capital letter when necessary. But it’s always an approximation of the same thing.

Unfortunately, that’s a surefire way to put all of your information at risk. If a hacker gets hold of just one password, all of your accounts are in danger. Chances are, hackers already have a hold of your password, and you’ve been lucky not to have been targeted. Check out have i been pwned to see if a website you have login details for has been compromised.

The best way to avoid all the effort and risk is by using a password manager. These not only keep your passwords for you, but create them too. They generate them without bothering you with the details, so that while they are complex, difficult passwords, you don’t have to fill your brain with them.

Not all password managers are equal, however. Here are 4 things to look for in the best managers.

  1. Two-step authentication

I know he is one of those things no one wants. Two-step authentication means that you get a notification on your phone or email, even once you’ve entered your password into a site, that you have to activate. But you don’t need to do this with all your passwords. You’ll be logged into your social media accounts always in any case. Less important sites require less protection.

But when it comes to accounts which can control your finances, two-step authentication is incredibly important. Find a password manager that at least offers this feature.

  1. Cross platform compatibility

If your password manager only works on your computer, it’s almost useless. These days, we go seamlessly between one device and another. Cross platform compatibility should not be an extra feature. It is fundamental.

  1. Low price

Price is something that you should compare. It’s not going to be all that expensive, no matter which plan you go for on whatever website. However, there are many different options. It will take a bit of time, but you can save a bit of money while getting a better plan.

  1. Additional security features

Finally, take a look at whatever extra security features they offer. It’s very useful if they let you know when someone is trying to access your account unsuccessful. This way, you can take extra measures to protect yourself before they find a way in.

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