PDF software has some trick up its sleeves. Apart from the obvious benefit that it secures your document, it can offer a friendly interface and let you edit your document in a time-saving manner. Following, we are going to discuss some rarely discussed features you will find in a PDF suite and how it they help you remain productive.

Let Auto Scroll Work for You

This feature doesn’t work like a smartphone. This doesn’t detect eye movement to keep the page rolling, but it’s completely convenient. You just need to lean back and read. It comes in handy when you have long documents to review. Automatic scrolling is available for documents which display at full-screen.

This lets you dedicate every inch of the screen to reading space.  You can switch on this feature by pressing Control + Shift + H. You can also use up arrow and down arrow keys to change scrolling rate and direction.

Text Viewer to Eliminate Images

When you view a PDF document with Images and text, you will have issues to read with PDF readers. Images can overlap text. Therefore, you need a premium PDF reader like sodapdf.com/pdf-converter// for an easy fix.

Use text viewer feature as it picks only textual content. This helps you to read better as no image will interrupt you. You can easily activate this feature from the in-program menu or keyboard shortcut.

Editing and Scaling the Document

You will need to add different items to the PDF you create. A premium PDF document viewer or editor will let you insert images and adjust it in such a way that it won’t be troubling for viewers, Drag it anywhere you like. Browse images in PC and a dialog box will appear.

If you want to add some pages in more than one page, Just click Some software comes with scaling options so you can showcase the documents in a smaller scale than original dimensions without skewing the whole thing.

PDF software doesn’t have an Undo Button Therefore your only choice is to save the document over again and again or risk losing your whole work.


IF you have saved the file after making a mistake, don’t panic. Just extract the page from the original document in your User Files, and you will be fine.

When you move content reading order or tag content, and the text disappears, you can make it visible by closing the file without saving the changes will help recover your data. The fact is, sometimes you move the content and it interrupts the working. The items are temporarily inaccessible, and you better wait for it before taking any action.

PDF is more of a cross-platform and it is a standard format document. The layout of the file is kept secured no matter what your operating system is or what software do you USE. There are a few interesting tricks you can use when working with a PDF.

These tricks help you remain productive and save time on your projects.