Delivery is probably the most essential expense for businesses from all over the world, especially if we are talking about companies, which want to sell their products abroad.

Delivery is probably the most essential expense for businesses from all over the world, especially if we are talking about companies, which want to sell their products abroad. It’s a real problem if you sell cheap goods because clients from other countries will not be interested in your products. The shipping price will be significantly more expensive than the product. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make your international delivery significantly cheaper and save a lot of money. To figure out how to send your goods for the best shipping rate, read this article.

The most profitable ways to ship internationally

There are a lot of possible ways to save your money if you want to ship goods abroad. Let’s consider some of them.

Pack correctly

Companies always over-pack their products if they sell fragile items. It’s a serious problem because too much packing can add extra weight to a parcel and increase the price of your shipment. We strongly recommend you to avoid this problem and choose only light and cheap wrapping materials in order to make the final price significantly lower. For example, business owners usually use bubble wrap because it doesn’t cost a lot and it’s relatively light. As a result, they can spend saved money on international parcel tracking, which customers really like.

Send bulk orders

According to, it’s significantly more effective and cheap to send bulk orders, that’s why you should look for wholesale customers. There are a lot of delivery companies, which provide discounts for this type of customers. However, even despite the fact that this strategy can be extremely profitable, you should also understand that it can be used only for limited types of businesses.

Choose the best prices

Of course, don’t forget about one of the most important factors, which can reduce the final price of your shipment. Yes, we are talking about the price policy of your courier company. There are probably thousands of competitors in this market, which want to find new clients and earn more money, that’s why they do everything possible to reduce the price and provide the best conditions. You can find a lot of websites (for example, Parcel Delivery, which compare commercial offers of different couriers and delivery companies. Everything depends on the height, weight, and size of your parcel, that’s why choose the best alternative and start saving money. You can also choose recycled packaging in order to make your packaging cost significantly lower.

Do not focus on one courier

We strongly do not recommend you to lock yourself in one carrier. If you want to sell your products in other countries, it means that your customers may be from all over the world, that’s why you should choose the best carrier for each order individually. Only in this instance, you will manage to reduce costs significantly and make your service significantly better.

Don’t forget about negotiating

In most cases, small business owners don’t think that it’s a good idea to negotiate with different carriers in order to get the best prices. They usually just stick to standard fees. However, you should avoid this mistake because there are a lot of companies that are ready to discuss new conditions and provide the best offer for you.


Therefore, don’t waste your budget, which you can invest in marketing or new production, just stick to our advice and find the best shipment offer.

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