College life is going to be way easier if you have the right apps. This is because the first year of college plays a huge role in the students’ academic success and career goals.

4 Must-Have Apps College Freshmen

Research shows that the first few weeks of college can determine the students’ academic career engagement. Furthermore, the entire undergraduate experience is often determined by how scholars adjust to their freshman year’s learning environment.

So wouldn’t it be great if you had a good start or did everything possible to ensure your first year turns out to be a success? Yes, campus resources can provide the support you need to adjust to college life, but the right apps will also make the transition smooth.

When you enroll in college or university for the first time, you may wonder what apps should college students have. Trying to search for the right apps online is a time-consuming process that can leave you more confused as there are thousands, if not millions of apps. To help make the section process easier, we have compiled the must-have apps that every first-year student needs in 2020 and beyond.

myHomework Student Planner

Part of succeeding in college is to complete assignments and submit them on time. However, a hectic schedule and numerous tasks can make you miss the deadline, translating to a poor grade.

myHomework Student Planner


In some cases, you might realize the deadline is only a few hours away and decide to complete it in a rush. This can make your hand in a low-quality assignment, which affects your overall performance.

myHomework Student Planner will help any first-year keep track of due dates, stay on top of their studies, and avoid missing the deadline.

The app has a simplistic interface, which means you do not need to be an IT guru to operate it. You can also use the planner to enter upcoming assignments and set reminders by class or date, making it easier to track deadlines. As a result, even when you opt to ask for writing help from the best essay writing service, the planer allows you to set up a reminder on the deadline you picked for the task.

This will enable you to stay in charge of all your schoolwork. Besides, myHomework Student Planner is ideal not just for first-year college students, but it applies to all academic levels, which means you can use it until your final year.


The importance of having free time cannot be emphasized enough. It allows a student to decompress and handle their studies with a fresh mind. When individuals are well-rested, even for a few minutes, they can do more homework, recall the information taught in class, and remain happy. Students want to feel happy, energized, and excited about school. However, recent statistics show that 80% of students are stressed.

Happify is an app that you can use to fight stress and negative thoughts. The app works by allowing the user to answer a series of short questions to gauge their happiness score. It then offers a variety of solution-focused therapy in the form of activities, games, and meditation.


Intentional and unintentional plagiarism affects your credibility as a scholar and might even cause you to be expelled from that college. That is why every student must cite sources correctly, be it a journal, book, website, or even a newspaper.

EasyBib is a citation tool that you can use to generate accurate citations required in academic writing. It doesn’t matter whether a professor assigned a task requiring you to use APA, MLA, or Chicago style. If you have not mastered all the rules provided in the latest manual, you can type the book’s name or scan the bar code, and EasyBib will generate the citation for you.


Want to study better in 2020? Use flashcards. These versatile study tools are effective in retaining knowledge and improving engagement. Apart from boosting active recall, when used effectively, flashcards can help students gauge their performance in that course based on the number of cards they get correct.

The problem with traditional flashcards is that they can become disorganized, lost, and harder to manage as they increase in number. However, with an app such as Anki, a student can learn and review information with ease.

The study process starts by creating flashcards using the app. During the study process, the app requests the user to rate how difficult it was to recall particular information. Anki will use the rating to ensure you only study difficult concepts to avoid wasting time reviewing easy information.

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