Technology has brought many things, and while some are good, others are outrightly unpleasant. Having a hidden spy app is one of technological development in the modern world that has both advantages and disadvantages. Through a secret spy app, you can view someone’s phone activity such as social media engagements, video and audio messages, text messages, and even learn how to hack someone’s phone without touching it.

Hidden Spy App
Hidden Spy App

A hidden spy app, such as Cocospy is helpful to parents who want to monitor their children. It’s also a vital tool for spouses who want to increase transparency in their relationship. Although there are millions of people with the application today, their main reason for the app is looking out for themselves or a loved one.

Cocospy is one of the best cell phone monitoring apps for both iOS and Android phones. It has over a million users, and its quality keeps earning it recognition from distinguished brands such as the New York Times, TechRadar, Forbes, and many others.

Reasons to Have Cocospy Hidden Spy App

Below are four primary reasons that push people to install one of the best and effective hidden spy app on their mobile phone devices.

  1. Protection of Young Children

Protection of Young Children

The internet is a mass village with all sorts of people. Even the child-friendly sites are no exception from the perverted lot who want to corrupt their minds. Although various platforms work the best they can to filter out such content, some still infiltrate through and can ruin a child’s outlook for life.

Installing a hidden spy app on young children’s phones helps to monitor the kind of content they come across and thus address any issue that could rise immediately.

  1. Monitor Older Children Internet Activities

Teenagers and those in middle school tend to fall victim to influences from social associations. It’s also an age where they’re economical with information especially their whereabouts and days activities. As a parent, it’s your duty to get spyware that tracks their movements, analyses all their social media activities and their web history.

In addition, you get to hear the voice calls, read text messages which can tell if your teenager is with the right company or not. There are other instances where the use of a phone is for work and studies only. In that case, a parent can install hidden spyware to ensure that no other activity is taking place other than the job it’s meant to do.

  1. Tracking A Spouse

Relationships are a touchy subject, and when a spouse opts to use a hidden spy app, it’s usually because he/she is suspecting the other of infidelity. The hidden app helps to clarify whether the suspicions are true or false. You get to see the credible evidence as shown through real-time communication in social media, the geographical visits, the video calls, and text messaging.

If there’s no suspicious activity or communication, you can shelve your sentiments without ruining the peace. However, if indeed there is evidence of unfaithfulness, you can table the matter with undeniable proof. This includes actual messages as received and sent, voice notes, video messages, file and documents shared with the messages.

  1. Monitoring Employees

Big conglomerates can benefit significantly from a hidden spy app. Disclosure of sensitive information can lead to hefty losses not to mention the loss of business to competition. Although most employees sign a non-disclosure agreement, the only way to ensure contractual terms are followed is by tracking employee’s devices.

While the action remains beneficial to the organization, it’s essential to follow the legal route such that the employees are aware and give their consent prior. Else, the procedure can backfire if the app gets discovered. Adults, unlike small children, can feel violated.

Using Cocospy can help a business intercept a breach of information; however, it’s advisable to incorporate ethics and safety in doing so.


Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, acquiring and installation of a hidden spy app is solely for the benefit brought through transparency. Spousal monitoring is a delicate matter since the evidence may result in divorce or annulment of relationship. Monitoring small children could prevent dangerous consequences such as cyberbullying.  Largely, hidden spy app does more good than harm regardless of the reason behind acquiring one.