The result of studying in every traditional university is a thesis project in which we have the minimum of theory, the maximum of practice. Students of technical specialties do not like to write a lot, their difference is a vigorous thirst for activity, inventions, experiment. At the end of their studying, they are able to create a new technical device, model an unusual building, a phenomenon, program the process from inanimate nature. This is a feature of writing a technical thesis, its highlight.

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The technical thesis is difficult to write, but also interesting at the same time. In the course of writing a thesis paper, the features of the device are revealed, the past and the future are analyzed, and improvement tasks are set. The result is a competitive new product on the market, surpassing similar inventions. This may be a new program that will simplify any process, making it high-quality and fast. Or a new building that will become a masterpiece of world art.

What you should know before starting thesis research

Technical graduation project has a peculiar structure, which includes the technical task, a detailed schedule of implementation, settlement and explanatory note, as well as a certificate of academic achievement. The settlement and explanatory note begin with a title page, and its content includes a brief assignment for a thesis project. The table of contents, in turn, consists of the introduction, main part, conclusion, and appendices. The appendix contains the full technical task with a separate numbering and operation manual for the developed product or system.

Sometimes the explanatory note of a technical graduation project has a more detailed structure, the content of which is justified by the requirements of the university. It includes a title page, as well as a sheet with a description of the technical task, a certificate provided by the dean’s office, testifying to progress, a review of the work done from the supervisor of the thesis project, a small summary, content, introduction, main part, list of references and applications.

The main part is presented in the following sections: the design section, which substantiates the solution of the task chosen by the researcher, all the necessary calculations with a detailed description of the methodological tools, the proposed schemes, and the developed programs; research, technological, economic and environmental sections.

Thesis paper ideas for Tech specialists

  1. Data recovery from flash media
  2. Office programming
  3. Development of the digital resource “Animation in Photoshop”
  4. Review of programs for creating videos
  5. Computational geometry in programming
  6. The solution to entertaining math problems using programming
  7. Automated Enterprise Information System
  8. Development of an automated information system for accounting of warehouse operations and sales of products at the enterprise
  9. Development of an automated customer relationship management information system for an enterprise
  10. Development and maintenance of an automated database for the company
  11. Document security
  12. Security of operating systems and databases
  13. Security of Internet resources
  14. Engineering and technical information protection
  15. The system of personal data protection in the enterprise
  16. The concept of security policy and access control systems for local area networks
  17. Development of information security policy
  18. Development of organizational measures to prevent information leakage through company employees
  19. Protection of information when using e-mail
  20. Development of a comprehensive system for the protection of commercial information
  21. Implementing an intranet security policy
  22. Security concept for the physical protection system of an object
  23. Problems of information security of banks
  24. Development of software and hardware information protection
  25. Development of an integrated information security system in an enterprise
  26. Automated information security system
  27. Development of an integrated information security system
  28. Block of information protection of control channels of an automated satellite communication system
  29. Protection of information in local networks
  30. Designing an enterprise site

The main purpose of creating a thesis, which is of a technical nature, is the successful mastery of modeling and design techniques. Graduation paper allows teachers to assess the graduate’s skills in applying theoretical foundations for solving practical engineering problems and opens up opportunities for the manifestation of inner potential.

Thesis paper differs from the previous course works by various functional blocks, various mathematical models, individual programs, databases, programming languages, software components, specialized processors, certain devices and much more which act as design objects. The main thing is to determine the research topic in order to realize your creative abilities fully.