There are many social media platforms through which people are earning millions of dollars and when it comes to YouTube, this video site is the second most visited website not in America but in the world, which means millions of people watch YouTube every day.

If you want to grow your business, doing marketing through a YouTube channel by making videos can be a good shot. Your business should have a presence there.

The opportunity that YouTube gives you to reach out to your audience is massive. Among US adults, YouTube is the most popular social platform and the youth is making good money out of it. More than 70% of people living in America go on different social video sites and more than half out of these visit YouTube every single day. That’s a huge market.

Rather than investing millions of dollars in traditional marketing, YouTube marketing is the better way to reach out to millions of people not just around the country but also around the world. You’ll feel nice when people will watch your content and you will make money out of it.

Anyone can create a YouTube channel and can start posting videos about anything, it’s not a big deal but making a YouTube channel successful is a bit difficult and can be a big deal but don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

How to create a new YouTube channel?

To make sure that your YouTube channel gets successful, it starts with making one. Here’s how you can make a YouTube account:

Get an internet connection

The first step is to get a reliable internet connection that offers you high-speed download and upload speed with unlimited internet so you can download as much as you want to. As your work is related to uploading content, make sure you get services through an internet service provider that offers not just high download speed but also offers good upload speed.

Internet service providers like Charter Spectrum offers amazing download and upload speeds to their customers and by reaching out to the Charter Spectrum customer service, you can find out about the plans/promotions offered by the company to their customers. Once you get an internet connection, move to the next step.

Create a Google account

Create a google account, if you don’t have one. If you already have a Google account and you use Gmail, skip this step and move forward.

Create a YouTube account

Your personal YouTube account will automatically set up with your Google account but if you want to use YouTube for business purposes, you’ll have to set up a brand account which is not a big deal. Go to your YouTube account page, click on ‘Create a channel’, enter a name for your business/brand account and you’re in.

With the brand account, you can give multiple people access to your account and work on the appearance and name that suits your brand by customizing.

Another best feature that YouTube offers for the brand account is that you will get access to Google Analytics, which will help find the popular content and who’s watching your videos.

Customize your YouTube channel

To enter information that will help you out in optimizing your channel for audience discovery, click ‘Customize channel’ to enter information.

Make sure you use descriptive keywords while filling out the information as that will help your account appear in searches.

You can use multiple keywords related to your industry, channel’s topics, or anything that can relate to your business. You can upload your channel logo or art to give an aesthetic look to your brand account. Make sure that your channel goes with your brand overall and that visually connects your channel with your presence on the other social media platforms.

Make your YouTube channel discoverable

What would be the purpose of uploading amazing content, if nobody watches it? You’re investing your energy and time in something which isn’t making any progress will result in frustration. Optimize the videos you upload and your channel to get views and subscribers. To promote your business YouTube channel, the following are the three tips:

  • Optimize video titles

The first thing that people will see is the video title and that will also help the search engine to understand what the video is about so make sure you use Google-friendly keywords.

  • Add Google-friendly tags

Add tags that are related to your content, don’t add irrelevant tags. Always choose quality over quantity. Your goals should be reaching out to the audience who will actually want to watch content like yours. Adding tags will also help google algorithms to understand the kind of content you upload.’

  • Cross-promote

Always add a link to your YouTube channel to the other social media profiles. Whenever you upload a video on YouTube, share the link of the video with your audience. That way, you will let your existing audience know that you have started making content on YouTube as well.

Summing it up

If you want your business YouTube channel to grow, you need to make the content with which people can relate by keeping the YouTube and google algorithms in your mind. Just make sure you follow the above steps and your YouTube channel will grow for sure.

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