In this article, we’ll write about the components-based web development. It means building self-contained small components that can comprise a complete user interface. Adding the code to the UI is not a brand new idea, but Javascript frameworks made it accessible and usable not so long time ago.

Vue.js for progressive componentizing

Vue web development

You may call Vue.js as a progressive framework. You can easily use and implement new features of it and you can make any updates to the UI. If you don’t want to have so many tools out of the box, you may be interested in using this framework for your projects. It won’t slow your productivity. You get a buildable framework instead. You will use only what you want at the same level of proficiency as with Riot, React or Polymer.

If you have at least the minimum understanding of JavaScript, CSS and HTML, you will find this framework easy to work with. This framework is super lightweight as it’s only about 20 kb.

Angular 2 for the Angular components

Since the first release in 2009, AngularJS has been very popular. Now we have Angular 2 that is an improved version of the previous framework. Some developers don’t even mention 2 when they are talking about this framework. Using components in the Angular 2 lets you develop applications faster and easier. You will have an opportunity to reuse UI blocks for testing and other purposes. So in short, there’s a shift from MVC o CBA.

React: use the power of SSR

React.js was released in 2013 and it made CBA app development very popular. Working on the new projects becomes much easier as you have the opportunity to view what’s going on before the user can see it. You can use SSR for the SEO (search engine optimization). You can use DOM that is actually virtual here. You don’t need to reload the whole page to see some slight changes or updates of some specific components.

You can also use this framework as the V part of the MVC development for the project that you are working on. Or you can develop an application from scratch with the help of another MVC patterns called Redux. It will let you use Flux for your project. DOM is the interface for application development that you can use for documents such as HTML or XML. You can see the structure of the document and all the active data that is included there while the browser is parsing it.