When you visit an online casino, you are greeted by rows upon rows of games. Most of them are slot machines – there are literally hundreds of varieties of slots in any online casino – with a handful of table games and card games in between. For those looking for a place to gamble, this offer is perfect. There are, in turn, many who visit the JackpotCity Casino, not for the chance to win money but to have fun. These players are looking for games that have more unique formats and ways to win to offer and don’t necessarily fit into the standard schematics of casino games.

For those looking for games that break away from the crowd, here are a few titles worth a try.

Alchemy Fortunes (Microgaming)

Alchemy Fortunes, a game available at Microgaming-powered gaming outlets like the JackpotCity Casino, has a familiar mechanic used by insanely successful games like Candy Crush or Bejeweled – except that here, the cascades triggered by the disappearing gems and potions also mean real-money wins. Except that here, the disappearing crystals and potions fill a meter on the left that, once it reaches a certain level, triggers various bonuses in the game, ensuring even more cascaded wins.

Dungeon: Immortal Evil (EvoPlay)

Those who claim casino games are all alike probably never had a chance to try EvoPlay’s 2020 title called “Dungeon: Immortal Evil”.

The game is a mix between a game of chance and an RPG and it has a truly unique format that sets it apart from anything you’ve ever seen in a casino: it’s literally a third-person fighting game where killing monsters reveals real-money prizes.

The game has graphics that put some modern-day RPGs and MOBAs to shame, it is built using HTML5 that makes it a perfect choice both for desktop and mobile, and successfully fuses the thrill of real-money wagers and the excitement of some good old-fashioned monster slaying. Except, of course, the part with the character development – your fighter is already immortal…

Klondike (Gamevy)

Finally, here is one game that is not innovative – on the contrary, it’s one of the few games that came bundled with the operating system since the ‘glory days’ of Windows – “Klondike” has been a part of the Microsoft Windows experience since version 3.0.

An online casino would be the last place you would expect a slow-paced and – let’s face it – often hard game like Klondike to show up… yet here it is, thanks to game developer Gamevy.

The game has multiple versions, with one of them that has the “retro” look and feel. It works pretty much like the traditional variety except you can place a real-money bet on the outcome and, to make it hard, you can only shuffle through the deck once. This, of course, doesn’t make it any less entertaining and exciting.

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