The people-search engine is a term closely associated with finding old friends and relatives we have lost touch with. While it is true that people-search engines help you find these people, there are several other real-life scenarios where these search engines are useful and might save you plenty of headaches.

For example, you might want to know some details about a colleague or a neighbor. With the power of people search engines, you can do a reverse name search of that person to find some necessary public details about them. Here, we shall discuss the three best people search engines that are currently available.


This versatile people a finder service is an excellent tool for individuals who want to acquire more than professional or social information. You can conduct a detailed background check on a person using this people search engine that gives you information like properties, addresses, contact information, and criminal records. You also get to know the detail of their colleagues and relatives.

You can find a person using their employer, address, phone number, location, and name. You can download the iOS or Android apps to search for people from wherever you are. You can get details like location, family members, address, and phone number for free, but by opting for the premium subscription, you get to know the background details of that person. 


Radaris is one of the best search engines for looking up public records professionals, businesses, properties, and individuals. What makes it so unique is that it has Android and iOS apps with simple user interfaces that can quickly search for a person while putting in some advanced filters. With Radaris, you can go for a monthly subscription or a one-time report.

Its reverse name search is hugely accurate and lets you find not only the person you are looking for but also your relatives and colleagues. This way, you can find details about a business using its location and name, or a person, using their phone number, address, or name.


Spokeo is a popular search engine containing details from social networks, public records, and white page listings. Here you can search for an individual using location, phone number, email address, and name. The search result compiles details from dating sites, online profiles and photos, and social networks. This search engine harnesses the power of the deep web to give you results conventional search engines cannot.

Its paid subscription is extremely affordable and gives you more details about any person living in the US. You can also use this service if you are based outside the US but it will only help you find people who are currently located in the Sates. 

So these are the best services you can use to find a person online. Some search engines only let you find people living in the USA, while others find anyone, anywhere in the world. With their advanced features, you can find the subject in a jiffy.

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