Online games are the best option for killing time and avoiding boredom. Free online games are not only economical but are fun too. There is an infinite number of games available online for every age group. Some online games provide a narrative plot, few of them have exciting challenges to endure, and the latest version of online games is based on collecting loot or haul. The concerned game development company hires developers for creating games that can stir a wave of sensation all across the world. The company lets developers use their creativity and a deep sense of understanding of the gaming behavior of people to develop games.

12 Best Free Android Games

Here are 12 free online games that are perfect for vacations and don’t need a penny for playing.

1. Dota Underlords

It is a great online game for people who love auto chess. Speculations are that developers got inspired by a famous Dota 2 mod. The main functions are the same:

  • Initially, gamers need to join a match.
  • Buy some heroes from a selection
  • Place the combatants on the 8*8 grid
  • Watch them fighting with the competitor.

Dota Underlords is the most favorable multiplayer auto chess game in the gaming industry. The developers have put a lot of thought and effort. The game has regular updates for better functioning and new programs. The developers also bring in some essential updates to provide a great gaming experience. This game runs on Android, PC, and iOS.

Download: Dota Underlods

2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout shelter lies in the Vault Management sim and can be used in Android, PS4, iOS, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The developer company Bethesda has done beautiful work in its mid-E3 arrival. The great feature of this game is that Android and iOS users can monitor their cellar and gadget with the lives of underprivileged vault dwellers. Let the vault dwellers protect their vault from the pirates and make sure they do not let the dacoits loot their vault toys. This game is fun and supports most of the platform.

Download: Fallout Shelter

3. Fire Emblem Heroes

This game has immense popularity among Generation X. It is turn-based tactics that feature the favorite superheroes from the Fire Emblem game. This game enables gamers to add warriors in their team and the Map story provides ancient battles that are turn-based. One can collect upgraded superheroes by winning battles and protect the kingdom of Askr.

Here are some additional features

  • A training turret to earn EXP.
  • Gamers can also get arena duels to compete with other players.
  • There are seasonal and limited-time episodes that have the latest heroes and stories.

Download: Fire Emblem Heros

4. Bomber grounds: Battle Royale

Bomerground is a mashup that is merged with trappings. Few mashups are bombarded with fun elements and Bomberground is one of them. This game includes 24 players who compete with others by bombing, snatching powerups, and beating one another to be on the top. It is just like the earlier version of Bomberman, most of the deaths of your troops get from your bombs. The companies hire game developers to provide numerous customization options to gamers. Gamers can choose from a wide range of options like rabbits, snappy cats, red panda, and furry bears. This game subsists on a platform such as Android, iOS, and PC.

Download: Bomer Grounds: Battle Royale

5. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This online game is for the people who loved playing Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. If you are fond of the Collectible Card video game, then you are on the right platform. Hearthstone comes with fun-filled spells without the shelves filled with binders.

This is one such type of game that keeps you up for the whole night. Hearthstone allows creatures to spell casts and then provide the player a new legion each time. This means now you focus on the hearthstone leap because now you can concentrate on the leading strategies and stop worrying about other problems.

Download: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

6. Fortnite

This game is a social junction for an online get-together, musical concerts, and one spot for all trailer debuts. This game is designed with many customized substitutes. It has a free creative mode and a co-op that is available for paid subscriptions.

The most vital feature of Fortnite behemoth is the Battle Royale mode. To master this game, one needs a lot of time and dedication. Here are a few tips that can help you in playing this game:

  • Understand how to start.
  • A proper landing is vital because it works as the base for the game.
  • You need to nail the gear for collecting valuables such as fighting gears and elements required for high levels.
  • Always try to be in cover, do not stay in the open for more time.
  • Keep an eye on the surroundings.
  • Utilize consumables as soon as you find one. 
  • Most of the newbie players forget to protect tracks. This mistake can cost your life in this game.
  • Always use height as a windfall.
  • Know how to use an instant combat tower and graph it in your strength.

Download: Fortnite

7. Disc Driving 2

This is a multiplayer game that involves turn-based track race driving. The game development company hired great developers to build a web-based contest. Generally, people think a turn-based driving battle does not work in the virtual world but actually, it does. All you need to do is a flick. The little vehicle will speed up making your opponent all wet from the sweat. With time you will get to know and learn how to use the bonus powers, shortcuts, and zip past obstacles. 

Nobody would have thought that one of the best car racing games will be as easy as flipping a coin.

Download: Disc Driving 2

8. Carmageddon

Carmageddon is not a newly developed game. Initially, it was a PC game and was very much popular among gamers. This looks like a racing game but actually feels like a hunting game. It had a low violent content that made it outlawed in many countries.This game includes a net of boulevards in a post-apocalyptic future. There are peoples and cows all around the area, and the competitors smack each other for gaining points.

Download: Carmageddon

9. PUBG Mobile

This game has a huge fanbase, players are crazy about PUBG, and it is one such tempting game that keeps you awake all night. Its temptation lies in the huge PvP Battle royal aspect, in which 100 players compete with each other on an isolated island. The players are upscaled with machine guns, weapons, automobiles, and tactical gear. Tencent Games continues to provide new updates and content to make PUBG more realistic. 

All you need to do is 

  • Upscale your landing experience
  • Keep yourself in cover and also help your troop 
  • Always keep your gun in shooting mode.

Download: PUBG Mobile

10. Pokemon Go

It is one of those games that created a sensation all across the globe. Initially, this game was loved by every age group. People were roaming all over the place just to catch Pokemon. It is very addicting as well as fun to play. All thanks to the game development company for putting so much effort to create this game.

It has created history by being the first game that brought location-based reality online contests to the limelight. The new update also made it pandemic friendly. 

You can enjoy the free subscription, but for new characters, extra storage, and more exciting forms you need to shed some extra dollars. 

Download: Pokemon Go

11. Clash Royale

Clash royale is a better and fun version of the legendary game Clash of Clan. If you got bored with Clash of the clan but still have a soft corner for the game then Clash Royale is just the right choice for you.Gamers can keep ajar the battle deck and collect exciting classic troops. This game originally hails from Finland but is celebrated worldwide.

All you need to do is to create a clan and share tickets with your troop friends. It is best for making online friends and all you need to do is build an exciting strategy to win a game. The game development company is constantly working on new updates so that gamers can unlock new chests and troop cards.

Download: Clash Royale

12. Sky Force Reloaded

This classic game is a blend of retro style, exigent gameplay, and over the top graphics. It is a bomb that can blast your experience with 15 life-changing missions. All you need to do is strategize an attack for your competitor and shield yourself from the reverse attack. This game provides you with stars and upgrades options for experiencing the best. After completing each mission, you will be awarded by medals as per the difficulty level. Gamers can also unlock a variety of skills, eye candy, and other exciting updates. 

Download: Sky Force Reloaded

Over To You

Online games are addictive and also let gamers to connect with new people every day. Few games provide online and offline features and allow competitors to interact as well. Always make sure to find a match that suits one’s needs and is fun too. Maximum people download a game, waste a lot of time on it, and then find it boring to continue. This is not only a waste of time but also a waste of your data pack. The gaming companies hire game developers for developing games that are free of bugs and are exciting enough for people to try them.