Big apartments in cities, downsizing of modern space, and vintage house layouts. All of these call for designs that expand the potentiality of small. Do you need a makeover for a bedroom that you think is not enough to work with? Then welcome to our page! We have laid out creative design ideas for small bedrooms to prove that even small spaces have the capability to be stylish. 

Keep reading this article for the eleven tips and ideas that will help you create a stunning space out of your small bedroom.

#1 Live Vertically

If you have a limited floor space but have ceilings that are higher, you can add a platform or a loft for the sleeping area. Then add seatings or storage underneath it. This option is not for all but if you don’t mind climbing into your bed literally, this layout is best to transform your space completely. 

You can find loft bed ideas for small bedrooms in this article. 

#2 Create a Wall Niche or an Alcove

In newer building structures, drywall is usually hollow and is braced with vertical studs or wood beams that are sixteen inches apart. And if you have initially set up your bed on a wall that is non-exterior, find your bed’s wall beams by using stud finders. Then cut an alcove out which might not be deep enough but it can suffice for small accessories such as your personal items or alarm clocks.

Read this article for four ways on how to decorate a small bedroom alcove.

#3 Add Wallpaper

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be dull. Add bold wallpaper patterns to focal walls such as the wall on your headboard. Wallpapers sometimes tend to make areas look cluttered and small but choosing the appropriate technique and style can do the opposite thing. 

When choosing a wallpaper, pick large-scale patterns over small and busy ones. Do not forget to construct a unified look by harmonizing your new wallpaper with your bedding.

#4 Magnify Using Mirrors

Mirrors can expand your small bedroom because it creates a bigger room’s illusion. Position a mirror so that it reflects the light from your window to enhance your space’s natural light.

The most convenient way or incorporating a large mirror to your room is by finding a body-length one. Lean the mirror up against a wall and no need for holes. Though, to make your mind at peace, you would want to fasten it using a wall tacky. 

#5 Get Rid of Bulky Bed Frames

Even a few centimeters of space is important in small bedrooms. Say goodbye to your luxurious bed frames and replace them with simple modern headboards to finish up your bed’s look.

Or you can opt for Hollywood-style frames that support your bed’s bottom and extend no longer than your mattress’s perimeter. You can add decoration to the space left above your bed or install a headboard at another time.

#6 Add Storage Underneath Your Bed

If you are planning to buy a brand new bed, opt for beds pre-installed with drawers underneath to add extra storage to your room. But if your space is very limited which does not allow drawers to be opened easily, you can work with decorative bins. You can also opt for woven baskets and milk crates.

Looking for other storage ideas for your small bedroom? Check this article out.

#7 Tuck The Bed Up In a Corner

Most bedroom designs feature beds by centering them on walls. However, a deviation is called for in limited spaces and restricted floor plans.

Push your bed against a corner or a wall so that your floor space is maximized. This will create an effect of a cozier sleeping area. Does it feel like college dorms too much? You can add a system of two headboard corners to produce a designer look to your bedroom.

#8 Embrace Minimalism

To increase the space of your bedroom, pair it down with your favorite necessities. This space’s focus is undoubtedly your bed, so maintain a minimum number of accessories and furniture pieces. 

It is even better to use built-ins that are sleek and contemporary for extra storage. Built-ins help maximize storage and they look like they are not there at all. Good built-ins around a bed create cozy sleeping nooks while adding a lot of storage.

#9 Keep Colors Bright and Light

The white color is a practical and expansive choice for small bedrooms. It keeps your space from looking boxed in or too busy. Using lighter or white colors counters the absence of big windows or wall space in brightening up your space.

Is it too stark for your taste? You can layer the whites with varying textures and patterns of white-on-white for drama. This can transform your room from a dull atmosphere to a stylish one.

#10 Be Creative By Using Floating Shelves

Versatile floating shelves work in various handy ways in small bedrooms. Below are a few floating shelf ideas for small bedrooms.

  • Laptop desk,
  • Bookcase,
  • Nightstand replacement,
  • Door entrance table, and
  • A place for holding up collections of modern and colorful boxes containing accessories and clothing.

#11 Use LED Strips as Lighting

Last but not least, use soft lighting that is not bulky for a small space, dimmable LED strip lights are the most ideal ones. In the succeeding sections are some ideas on where you can use LED strips.

Around Your Bed

A soft headboard glow can enhance your bedroom’s lighting design. This can be accomplished through the installation of LED strip lights behind the headboard if you opted for one. You would want to go with a pleasant warm light.

On Your Ceiling

If you have a sunken ceiling, you can use LED strip lights to outline it. Using these lights within your ceiling’s molding can create a softer but a more interesting means of adding light into your room. You do not need to adhere to more conventional lighting fixtures.

On Your Wardrobe

If you have a wardrobe in your room, you can add LED strip lights under your wardrobe’s lower lip which will radiate over your floor. The radiating light gives out a very soothing effect which kind of tells you to just relax.


While modern luxurious designs often tell people that they should have king-sized beds, sitting areas, or small offices in their bedrooms, one should not forget that bedrooms are meant for resting and recharging. And that you do not need to create a luxurious space for a peaceful rest.

We hope that these ideas were able to inspire you in changing your present space. Happy decorating!

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