10 Smartphone Apps We Never Knew We Needed

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10 Useful Smartphone Apps You Didn’t Know About

More than 3 thousand iOS and Android apps or games are released daily worldwide. With so many tools to choose from, it’s easy to get lost and lose useful mobile phone apps.

In this article, we will talk about popular apps that we don’t know yet, but they can solve many of our daily problems. With these apps, you will not be sorry for the place in your phone’s memory!


Do you dream of a plant successfully taking root in your home? Perhaps you are traveling and saw an unknown but wonderful plant? The Lily app is a unique tool for recognizing plants from photos. This plant picture identifier is equipped with intelligent technologies: in a matter of minutes, the app can provide information on geography, plant genus, ways of caring for trees and flowers, and the history of appearance. In addition, the system fights plant extinction and reminds you when to water a flower. If you have questions or concerns about care, the group experts will help you find solutions.


RunPee is the perfect app for cinephiles. The essence of the tool’s work is that it will sound when you can go to the bathroom, the kitchen, or look through the news. Just select a movie, and the system will briefly describe what you missed. Even sitting in cinemas, you can not worry about missing exciting stories.


Yummly is your smart cooking assistant. The app provides you with recipes based on your interests. In addition, the system is equipped with life hacks and recommendations that allow you to save time on cooking or improve the dish’s taste. Also, the app can add a list of products needed for the dish. Yummly will help you improve your culinary skills in no time.


ChefsFeed will be your go-to nutritional companion if you’re a frequent traveler. The app provides you with recommendations for eating out. The tips were directly drawn up by food and drink experts. This tool can find videos and stories, city guides that let you plan your perfect date, happy hour, or a weekend getaway, and maps that show you the best food, cocktails, coffee, and beer near you.


How often do you feel embarrassed when you have to split the bill between friends? A Tab is a good tool that allows you to divide the bill between your friends in a cafe or supermarket without further ado. Just take a photo of your receipt and select your items to claim them. The system automatically calculates taxes or tips and connects to the app to send money.

Sweat Deck

Sweat Deck is a powerful workout iPhone app that changes it up to encourage users to take care of their bodies. The app is like a deck of cards with endless workout combinations you can mix and match. Assign an exercise to each suit and perform the cards as they’re drawn from the deck. This app is not suitable for inexperienced athletes but will be a good helper for people who want to diversify their training regimen.


Headspace helps fight stress and depression. The app is equipped with meditations and mindfulness techniques that you can control to bring health, peace, and balance to your daily life. Headspace is perfect for those who want to master the fundamental techniques of mindfulness and meditation.


Waze notifies users of situations occurring on the road. Using this app, you can follow the traffic, find out about constructions on the street, accidents, or the alignment of the nearest police cars. Waze will suggest a safer route to keep you out of trouble. Waze is useful in high-traffic metropolitan areas or when you are looking for the fastest route.


Strides is a habit tracking and goal tracking app. This tool keeps track of any habits you want to develop or goals you plan to achieve. If you forget to perform some action, the system notifies you, thereby holding you accountable. An essential feature of Strides is that the app has been recognized as the most comprehensive, user-friendly, beautifully designed goal-tracking app available.


Pennies is Apple’s budgeting and spending tool. The system tracks which areas you spend the most money on and motivates you to save. In addition, the app offers to plan weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, special and one-time budgets. No other budgeting app gives you so much flexibility to create budgets based on your lifestyle. Pennies is an Apple Editors’ Choice Award winner with 1,000 5-star ratings worldwide.


Technology does not stand still, and the capabilities of smartphones have long gone beyond photography, communicating, or calling up. Today you can track your habits, learn about plants from photos, cook tasty and fast, exercise, meditate, and much more using your gadget. Unleash the potential of your smartphone to the fullest and make your everyday life easier!