We all agree parenting is nothing like walking in a garden. It means having a ride on a roller coaster with whole lots of twists and turns. If Parenting has done wrong then it can be dangerous to both the kid and the parents. In today’s world, with technology taking over everything, it is very taxing to keep a track as to what your kid is doing. But does that mean you will surrender it to the faith? Absolutely no, the workings, activities, movements of our kids needs to be tracked down to gain the knowledge of their whereabouts, to know what they have been up to, to see what kind of people surround them. It is parents’ responsibility to look after their kids and ensure that they are on the right path. But how can this be done?

Well, there are various applications on Android and iOS which enable the parents to track their kids and their whereabouts. In this era of technology, mobile phones can be harmful yet very useful. So we listed here some applications to help you out and let you keep track on your child activity with their Smartphone. You will be able to know how to spy android phones without letting them know. So, let’s get started

Best Parental Control Apps for Android 


Spyzie monitoring app is the best app available to know about the activities of your kid on his mobile phone. This is available both on Android and IOS platform. All you need to do is to create an account with spyzie and complete the spyzie wizard setup as given in the app. After it, if the phone to be tracked is Apple(iPhone) then there is a “how to monitor iPhone” tutorial page, and if Android then “how to monitor Android” tutorial page. After completing the above procedure, a parent has access to the call logs, pictures, web browser history, WhatsApp, installed apps, text messages and GPS Location.

[appbox googleplay com.spyzee]

Unlike other phone tracking app, you don’t have to inspect the phone after installation. You can just log in to your account on the desktop, laptop, or into your Smartphone and keep track on you children.

Norton family premiere

We all are familiar with the Norton those who not let me tell you, Norton is one of biggest companies who deals into the Antivirus for Computer. Norton family Premiere allows parents to know the whereabouts of their kids through features like location tracking, app monitoring, and web filtering. This application is available only for Android phones.

[appbox googleplay com.symantec.familysafety&hl=en]

This is home to some excellent filtering tools and accurate location tracking. This application is home to all those features which are generally required by the parents to track their kids. Overall this is also one of the best child tracking applications which are currently available in the market.

Phone Sheriff

Phone sheriff is also a good application for keep monitoring you child. The best part of the application is it available for both the platforms Android as well iOS. It allows parents to review the apps installed in the kid’s phone. You can track the messages which your kid sends and receives.

It also enables the parents to block some phone numbers. It provides the features of both whitelist and blacklist callers. It also has location tracking feature. Therefore, this app also provides all those features except a few, which enables a parent to look after them and their activities.

ESET Parental control

ESET is also dealing into the Antivirus for the Computer system and the good news is they have an app also for the Monitoring the Children. This app is available for all the Android users only.

[appbox googleplay com.eset.parental&hl=en]

It lets a parent set limits to the time according to which all the apps on the phone can be used. Something to note here is that it enables the parents to set up a time limit for all the apps, it does not offer to set different time limits for different apps. Secondly, it also offers to track location feature. It also lets the parents block the websites they don’t want their child to use. The best thing about this application is that it is very handy and easy to use. It does not offer heavy installation setups. Parents can use It simply and conveniently.

Kids place

This application is more ideal to kids than teens. It builds a customized user interface with selected apps by parents and restricts access to other apps. It also blocks the installation of all the apps other than that you have chosen. It restricts in-app purchases. It can filter the content of the app.

[appbox googleplay com.kiddoware.kidsplace]

This is basically an app when children use the smartphones for digital entertainment purposes only. It requires a four digit passcode to gain access to this app. This is more important for parents with children of age group 8-12.

Qustodio for families’ premium

This app offers limited features but is best in offering those which are not provided by other apps. It is able to set time limit individually for different apps. It allows the parent to control more than one device at a time including Mac and PCs.

[appbox googleplay com.qustodio.qustodioapp]

It allows restriction on web surfing and tracks the location. The restriction on the web you can block some particular URL so, children won’t be able to access them at all. Calls can be blocked directly from the call log. Texts can be viewed and blocked.

Net Nanny 

[appbox googleplay com.contentwatch.ghoti.cp.browser]

If you only have one Android device to control, the net nanny can be a good app. It offers website and web content filtering, blocks inappropriate sites. Also, an app can be temporarily unblocked for a set period of time. It also gives the option of warning the child before the website is opened instead of entirely blocking it. Overall net nanny is a good fundamental parenting app.


[appbox googleplay com.mmguardian.parentapp]

This app is ideal for young teens who have their own Android devices. It lest the parent to block calls and messages, control the web usage and set time limit for apps. One of the best features of this app is that is restricts texting or calling while driving. This ensures the safety your child. Overall the app is the best for the minimal design and features.


[appbox googleplay funamo.funamo]

This app also allows the users to filter the web contents, track locations and restricts time usage for the apps on the phone. It also has the monitoring facility for texts and calls. The best part is you also got the 2-day demo of the app. If you didn’t like it you can uninstall or try another app.


The smartphones are useful as they are harmful to your child so parents always want to keep their child to be safe from that. Because there are many things on the internet which lead them on the wrong path. So these apps help the parents to keep them away from those things. If you have any other app apart from the above then share with us. We will love to add them to this list and stay tuned for more exciting apps and tech news.