Looking for some tips and tricks in your student’s life? Living in the technology area, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Yes, you are reading it right: you can become the new master in studying tips and improve your performance at school. New technologies are extraordinary as long as we use them for wise purposes.

Top 10 best college student must-haves apps

best college student must-haves apps
best college student must-haves apps

1# Dragon Dictation

When you are working, running from class to class, taking care of paying all the bills it may be a little time-consuming writing hours and hours. Dragon Dictation is the best option when it comes the options – you can dictate, write emails, take phone calls and so on. Your life is getting easier and easier without any effort  – you just need to try it. This application can perfectly help you in the performance of various written assignments in college, such as writing an essay or papers. When you read your free essay on Edusson, you can take notes at the same time and create some model examples for your future essays.

2# Wi-Fi coffee maker

The best electronic gadgets 2019 is the classic one: your favorite passion – coffee. Sleeping too less or not at all, may be a problem. But when you have a little help from your BFF – the coffee – then everything is much better. That’s why you can now “order” a cup of coffee only using a WI-FI connection and control the quantity or the temperature of it. Not to mention that you if you own an Amazon Echo, you can even order a cup with a voice command.

3# HP Envy wireless printer

HP Envy wireless printer

We all love to have our documents in PDF format, but what do we do when we have to make notes, draws or add some extra information? Oh, yes – the library printer is not an option, as many are braking just at that point you need them. Your nightmares are over with your new toy HP Envy 5055, having the amazing possibility to stay in bed and scan/ copy/print your docs from your bedroom. And more than that, you can prepare all your essays without any roads to make to the print shop.

4# Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

You have all the info on your laptop, and you need right now everything you have there, but it is miles away? What would you do if we tell you that this is not a problem anymore? You can write everything you have in your classes, even personal details (address or phone no) with the possibility to open them from your phone or tablet, mainly all your college gadgets. The procedure is like that: you write, upload everything in the cloud and then enjoy every piece of info.

5# Smart speaker

Your roommate is too busy, or you don’t have one at all? Well, you don’t need them – you just need to have Alexa – Amazon’s amazing creation. If you need to eat, to play or to talk with somebody, she is an option. Order some food with Alexa’s help, or maybe you want to a drink? The best friend ever and she is not asking any questions.

6# Buddha Machine

Did you hear everyone lately telling you that is an option to just relaaaaax? Then you found your guru: Buddha Machine which its only objective is to do right that. Not only that you will have a quality time relaxing, but you also have the right ambient. Music is on them!

7# Streaming stick

Have you ever heard of Roku or Fire Stike? If not, it’s a good moment to google it. Investing in one may cut sometime in your favor, as you won’t lose any time to connect to each tab and run on your Netflix account for example. Did we mention the possibility that some streaming sticks are allowing you to play games, use the internet or verify your social media accounts?

8# Heated Travel Mug

After you would take your coffee using your WI-FI connection, you would need to prepare it for to-go. But which way is better when it comes to warm coffee? A heated travel mug is an answer – and the best detail is that you don’t need to put only coffee in it. Tea, milk, hot chocolate or other amazing examples may have the best temperature regardless of the outside temperature or if you need the cup warm one hour or 12. Cheers to that!


9# Surge Protector

Surge Protector is that thing which you wished you have after an energy fluctuation. Not only that it will protect your personal laptop/tablet, but you also will be stress-free having these unique electronic gadgets. We know that most of the time you are on campus working and maybe they need to fix their electricity system, but this is not your problem anymore.

10# Smart laptop stand

Either you work for your college papers, or you are creating some online samples for your future project, you need to do it properly. On campus, you will not find all the little details which will make your life easier, but for sure you will have a sample of that in your pocket. The smart laptop stand will help in keeping your posture right, without hurting your back/muscles and enjoy the time when doing so.

Your student life is way better now when you can use technology in pretty much everything. The key is to combine old tips in an adapting form and with the help of tech – in this way, you will more quality time, and your grades will rise.


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