Top 10 Educational apps for Adults, College student or teachers

Top 10 Best Educational apps for Adults, College student or teachers

In a world where almost everyone has become tech-savvy, Internet is a major platform for you to educate yourself. Apps play a big role in our lives, so we might as well use them for educational purposes.  With these information and educational apps, you will be able to challenge, stimulate and test your brain, and have fun while doing it! There are no limitations to what you can learn.

Let’s look at Top 10 best education apps for adults, college students or teachers, which will fulfill all your intellectual desires.

1. Coursera

Coursera App for Android & iOS
Coursera App

This app has proven to be one of the best apps available out there for free courses. Classes are interactive and follow a schedule. Coursera has partnered with top-notch universities all around the world to bring you affordable quality education. It brings you vast choices of over 600 courses across over 20 subject areas available in 14 different languages.

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2. Quora

Quora App android
Quora App

I recommend you to use this app instead of Facebook, and you will never lose interest. This app lets you post any question related to anything, and you will get an answer from people with experience. You can also respond other people’s questions. Installing this app will open a new world of mind blowing things that you might have never even thought about.

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3. Elevate

Elevate app for iPhone and android
Elevate app

We get so busy in everyday life that gives no time to our mental health. This app is pretty similar to a gym for the brain. It helps in sharpening the skills we use in day to day life. Solve challenges and quizzes every day to stimulate your brain and keep it active. Also, see how much you have progressed. Difficulty levels increase as you reach to arrive at the top level.

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4. TED Talks

TED Talks for android
TED Talks App

Sometimes just a degree or a course isn’t enough. You need motivation, enlightenment, and insight. TED has built up an extensive collection of knowledgeable and engaging speakers. Everyone should take a look at TED talks about social media impact, how to stay motivated, human psychology and much more from a collection of over 1700 videos.

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5. Star Chart

STAR CHART app for andoid
Star Chart APP

If you’re a space enthusiast who spends most of their time gazing at the fascinating beauty of the stars, then this app is a dream come true. Hold up your device in the air, so the app can determine where you are pointing based on your location and orientation. Trap 88 constellations and over 120,000 stars inside of your phone with this app.

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6. Busuu

Bussu App for iphone and android
Bussu App

With changing times knowing multiple languages has become a requirement. With the help of this app, you will learn to read, write and speak 11 of the most popular languages around the world and it will certainly be more impactful and easy than reading dry books. Bilingualism is great, not èver.

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7. Arts and culture

Arts & Culture App by google
           Arts & Culture App

This is a very little known educational google app that can give a lot of information about arts and culture.  It features 360-degree tours of historical places, museums and many other landmarks along with information about art, artists, and stories that will make you want to learn more about your heritage.

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8. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle App

This reading app has a significantly wide range of educational books, self-help books and how to books on a variety of subjects. There are age ranges available for both kids and adults which are available for reasonable prices even if you’re reading for leisure. Reading every day will improve your grammar, vocabulary, spelling and your knowledge and thoughts about the world.

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9. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha App for android
WolframAlpha App for android

Ever dreamed of having one of those super computers that knows everything, well this app comes quite close. WolframAlpha is informational about maths, earth Science, computers, physics, astronomy and the list literally never ends. It is same as a reference guide which will help you learn things relatively quicker.

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10. Youtube

Youtube App for students
Youtube App

Youtube is a video viewing platform which is used for a lot of things. For example, you can find cat videos, music videos, and daily vlogs. However, Youtube has proven to be very educational. There are videos which will teach you anything from cooking, music, maths and literally anything you can think of. You can even have full courses. It is a really powerful app which is both educational and entertaining.

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Tuition fees are increasing and reached sky high rates. Why not just use these educational apps which are just as good or maybe even better for free. You can get all the information in the world if you search for it. Do you use one of these apps? Or do you think we missed out on something? Leave your suggestions in the comments.