Must Have Apps on Samsung Galaxy S23


Every user of a new phone needs to go through the process of customizing it and making it their own. First, you transfer all of your photos, music, passwords, and some obvious applications. Then you need to make sure you are logged in into everything new, choose new wallpaper or transfer the old one, and many more small things. Then comes the moment of trying out something new and seeing what you can install on the newly bought smartphone. Here you will find some app recommendations for your new Samsung Galaxy S23, however many of them can also be useful on other devices like smartphones or tablets.

Fun and Entertaining

The first category of apps is mostly dependent on your personal preferences, but after switching phones make sure to experiment, go out of your comfort zone and try out stuff and apps you weren’t able to install before. The new phone is most likely much stronger than the previous one, and Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the best smartphones out there, so it should smoothly run every app you think of. Make sure to download a few games, there are plenty of free to play ones, from Candy Crush and Hay Day to more advanced games like Minecraft, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Vampire Survivors or Stardew Valley.

You do not need to feel restricted by the hardware anymore. You can also try out some new apps with new activities, like some new social apps, guides about fishing, and some betting or gambling apps, just make sure you understand how slots work, how to play card games like poker or blackjack, and choose apps with a lot of user-friendly features, with good protection for your funds. You can also install all of the entertainment apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and many more.

Work Apps

Now with all that out of the way we can focus on more specific applications. Now that your phone is powerful it can help out with many new activities like even working. You can respond to emails quickly and send CVs faster or communicate with coworkers. Make sure to check out various apps that can save you some time like Slack, Asana, Discord, LinkedIn, Word, Samsung Notes, and of course Gmail.

Music to Your Ears

Music and audio are a very important part of the phone, and Samsung Galaxy S23 has a great built-in speaker, and the ability to charge your Buds from the back of your phone wirelessly, but what about the software? Well, we have your classic Samsung Music app that works quite well with all of the music stored on the phone locally, so there is not much need for a change.

For your online needs there is of course Spotify on an android phone, and you also can get Audible for listening to podcasts. In addition to all that, there is also an application on the official Galaxy Store called Sound Assistant, and it gives a lot more options to play around with. You can set up your own music mixes, change the volume of individual apps, and also make things louder and quieter more precisely. You can set the sound at 62 or 89 for example if you’d like and not at 10,20,30, and so on and so forth.

Another great app connected to music is Shazam. It allows you to detect music that is playing around you and gives you the title and the artist just after a couple of seconds. It does not always work but it has a very high track record of giving out correct song names, and we used it countless times before.

S Pen App

A quick bonus application that allows you for more customization if you own an S Pen for your Samsung Galaxy S23 is Pentastic. It allows you to change how each gesture works, what your cursor looks like or even what sound plays when you use it. For S23 Ultra it also has sounds of taking it out and putting it back in. Change it to Lightsaber sounds or Harry Potter sound effects of spells like Lumos and you are good to go!

Learning Apps

The final section of useful apps for your new Samsung Galaxy S23 are educational apps of some sort. There is Duolingo that allows you to learn another language fast. You can also download a full translation app, there are plenty of those that have many languages stored so you do not need internet access in order to translate something from one language to another.

You are also able to download some apps that help you tune your string instrument. We used apps as tuners for Bass Guitars, Ukuleles, and Electronic Guitars and all helped tremendously. Unless you have a perfect pitch you might also find a good use for those.

Finally, you have some games that are also training your mind. There are plenty of great Chess apps out there, but we also recommend Sudoku applications. There are different variants of these apps like Arrow Sudoku, Chess Sudoku, or Miracle Sudoku. It can help you improve your memory, sharpen your mind and if you have some time to waste if you get invested in a puzzle it can make time fly by very quickly.