How to Choose IT Staff Augmentation Company: Best Practices



Human resource management plays a critical role in determining the fortunes of a business and its overall success. One of the best ways of having a constant supply of talent is to make use of the staff augmentation model. Simply put, you can use a third party in order to come up with viable and sustainable human resource solutions. This is more relevant in the IT industry which records a high employee turnover. You must think about how to acquire and retain IT staff.

This article will guide you on how to choose an IT staff augmentation company.

How to Choose IT Staff Augmentation Company: Best Practices

Be clear in your requirements and expectations

There are several best practices which can help you get the best and consequential deal in staff augmentation. To start with, write down your needs and expectations and ensure that you share this data and information with a potential staff augmentation company. This will help you get the assurance that the company in question can carry the specified roles. In addition to that, classifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations in advance will ensure that you do not introduce new requirements in the middle of the project, as this could come with its implications in terms of cost and time.

Check skills and experience of IT staff augmentation vendor

When you are looking for an ideal staff augmentation company, be sure to check the skills and experience of the company. One of the best ways of evaluating this is to look at the past projects that the company has undertaken. In addition to that, you should consider evaluating the online reviews about the company and you will know about its interaction with the past clients. Through third party information such as review, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Check sustainability and company’s values

You need to ensure that the values and the cultural orientation of the staff augmentation company are compatible with your values and cultural preferences. For example, consider choosing an IT staff augmentation company which does not discriminate against clients based on variables such as age, gender, and national origin. You do not want to be associated with any discrimination in any form, even if you are not directly involved in it. Similarly, you may consider choosing an IT staff augmentation agency which follows ethical business practices such as environmental protection.

Check company’s experience in IT industry

Many staff augmentation companies are in a position to fill human resource needs irrespective of the type of business in question. However, bear in mind that the IT industry is a technical area of business. Therefore, you are better off if you choose a staff augmentation agency which understands the needs of the IT industry. For example, the IT industry is highly fluid, and the IT experts hired should be in a position to discard old and obsolete IT strategies in favor of the new ones.

Count expenses

When it comes to any business commitment, think about what it will cost you. As far as possible, seek the rare combination of high quality, but yet, affordable IT services. Ensure that quality is not compromised when looking at budget considerations. Again, do not take a blanket figure of the cost. Rather, ask for the breakdown of the cost so that you can understand what you are getting.

Check security policy

The use of technology and online infrastructure has brought about immense business opportunities. However, such opportunities have also brought about major threats. It is important that you choose a company that has a strong security infrastructure and policy. This will ensure that you are not vulnerable to preventable security breaches. If your data systems are compromised, you might never recover from such breaches.

Sign a contract

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, write everything down and make use of a contract. Do not fall into the temptation of coming to terms unofficially or having a verbal agreement. In many legal jurisdictions, unofficial and unwritten agreements are not recognized, and should things go wrong, you may not get legal redress.


The IT industry will record significant growth and development in the near future; you should be prepared to exploit these opportunities. Have a concrete human resource plan and this will be a strategic advantage to your business. Staff augmentation will help you to achieve a seamless human resource experience