Best SmartWatch for Kids 2017 : 5 Best Wearable for your children

Hello, friends in this post we are going to talk about the best Smartwatch for the kids. Nowadays the most important thing for the parents is to keep their children happy. Parents are spending their lot of time to engaging their children in various activities to impress them. Buying some precious gifts as one of the ways parents are used to keep their children delighted. From the way of appreciation parents are getting the chance to learn more about their kids talent and interest through some gifts and Smartwatch is perfect present for the kids. These Smartwatch have an integrated feature that matches the kid’s expectation. These functions are included the camera, video recorder, calculator and motion sensor.

Best SmartWatch for Kids
Best SmartWatch for Kids

Smart Watches are not just for adults anymore, but what would motivate a parent to buy a watch for their children. Well, the today’s little one is grown up surrounded by the computers, tablets, YouTube and much more. Technology is becoming the part of their everyday life which is quite different from 10 or 20 years ago. Some parents encourage their child to be more active so opt device for them that tracks fitness. While others want to know that children are safe, so choose the device which tracks their GPS location all times. It is important to do the research before deciding the Smartwatch for your little ones. We provide you the best Smartwatch devices are available on the market.

  1. vTech kidizoom Smartwatch

vTech kidizoom Smartwatch_

The kidizoom is the new and better version of the original first generation device. This is a great starter smartwatch for the kids, which are features more activities and clock faces than the original. It is perfect for the young photographers; this durable smartwatch has more memory so the kids can take tons of picture and videos with 0.3 mega-pixel camera. There is a feature of voice recorder, so your children change their sound and give the cool effects, and the games are also available in the watch which can be played via the touch screen.

vTech kidizoom Smartwatch watch helps the kids to how to tell the time by letting them choose between with more than fifty 3D digital and analog displays. Features include in a watch are the calculator, alarm, timer, and stopwatch. By using the micro USB cable, your child can also upload photos and videos or recharge the battery. This watch has the advantages of some Smartphone features without having the full distance to the Smartphone.

  1. Filip 2

    Filip 2
    Filip 2 Smartwatch

Filip 2 is a colorful smartwatch with voice recognition, which uses a unique blend of GPS, GMS and WiFi to help and locate your child with both the indoors and out. You can also set the five SafeZone and receive the notification when your child enters or leaves the SafeZone. The kids can make a two-way voice call and built in the speakerphone. By using the Smartphone app, a parent is creating the contact list with the 5 programmed phone numbers. To make a call, your child scrolls the list, then select the name and make a call with just a touch of a button. This tracker is controlled by the iOS or Android app which allows to view location maps, manage and set contacts, create and manage SafeZones and send the texts to your children. This is the only device which allows for two-way text messaging.

  1. Orbo Kids Smartwatch

    Orbo Kids Smartwatch
    Orbo Kids Smartwatch

    Introduce your child to the basics of timekeeping with the Orbo’s Kid-friendly, Touch screen Smartwatch. This device features both the analog and digital clock faces, along with the alarm and stopwatch features which teaches your child the fundamentals of reading time. It boasting the vivid display with the highly navigable menu. The Orbo kids Smartwatch offer the 16 different activities with the simple touch and simple interface and charming the sound effects. This device has a features are like camera, talking Hippo, time master, games and other fun, and stimulating the activities which will keep them occupied for hours. You can purchase a  micro USB cable that charges the Smartwatch from the laptop. You can also purchase the optional adaptor to charge the Smartwatch from the standard wall outlet.

  1. GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

    GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch
    GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

The GBD-GPS is a Chinese brand. It functions a alarm clock, watch, GPS locator, location tracker and cell phone. It also tracks the steps, calories and sleep in essence the functioning of a basic fitness tracker. Come from a foreign manufacturer users are reported in the setup and it take the YouTube videos before figure out everything. Once these potential difficulties are out and the watch is functioning pretty well, particularly you take the low price consideration. This device is also facilitated in two way conversation. You can also load the 10 phone numbers into the app and your child are able to toggle those numbers to make calls. The GPS function is available in the watch. Pressing the SOS button you can able to send the text message with a precise link of your child location on the Google map. The Real time location also perform in the watch.

  1. Tencent QQwatch

    Tencent QQwatch
    Tencent QQwatch

The QQwatch is the wearable phone and the locator for the kids, which designed for parents for giving them peace of mind, while providing them the freedom which they want. This can make and receive calls easily. You can add 5 family members and 16 friends via this app. The QQwatch is automatically synced the contact. With the Wechat mode kids can make friend via “people nearby”.

Voice calling in QQ Watch
QQ watch automatically syncs contacts

The QQwatch has a unique blend of WiFI, GPS and camera which allows the parents to locate their child. By opening the app, parents see their child’s location on the map at any time. In the case of emergency your child presses the SOS button to initiate the emergency mode. You can also setup the safety zones or the virtual radius around your location such as home, a friend’s house or in the school. Family member receives the notification when your child steps out these designated areas.

So these are the best smartwatch for the kids in 2017, if have any other smartwatch in your mind, feel free to share with us. Just Comment below.